August 15, 2018


Hipp and Holle: The Best European Organic Baby Formula 

It is easy to call something the best, but when it comes to your baby, you want to give them excellence in nutrition that checks off every box.

Babies only eat what their developing bodies can handle. Cow's milk has too much protein and minerals for their kidneys to handle. It also has an insufficient amount of other nutritional needs such as iron, vitamin C, and other important components for their growth and development. Breast milk is the best thing for babies, but not everyone can nurse. 

Why is Organic Baby Formula Better?

Organic formula is ideal for your little one for a number of reasons. For one thing, the ingredients used from organic farms have not been touched by synthetic materials such as fertilizers or pesticides. When your baby is this young and in an important developmental stage in their life, it is crucial to limit, if not avoid, the exposure to neurotoxins. The formula you feed your little one will be with them for at least the first 12 months.

Taste is another aspect of organic baby formula. It is produced and processed in its most natural state without additives and preservatives that can alter the flavor of food. Organic baby formula must follow strict guidelines in order to have the “organic” label on its packaging.

Organic agriculture is also better for the environment. The soil and water on the farm and in the neighboring communities are not as contaminated. The only thing that is going back into the ground, grass, and water is everything that is suppose to occur naturally. Nothing is passed through to your baby, and that can give you more peace of mind. 

Why is Organic Baby Formula Better?

Organic baby formula from the United States must meet strict guidelines, but many parents question some of the natural ingredients that go into these products. The FDA regulates the nutrition, labels, and safety of baby formula, however, some of the ingredients are banned from organic baby formula in the European Union. Carrageenan, a binding ingredient that comes from seaweed, is used in many types of foods but may cause intestinal issues. These formulas also avoid corn syrup, glucose, and fructose.

Who Makes the Best European Organic Baby Formula? 

Hipp Baby Formula

Hipp is special because it is one of the leaders in organic baby food that spans for decades. It is focused on using products grown from biodynamic farming practices for the best, most natural foods. Another component of Hipp that makes it stand out from all of the rest is the combiotic formula. Hipp uses prebiotics fibers from lactose. Galacto-oligosaccharides, or GOS as the prebiotic fiber is called, is found in breastmilk. Lactose is also found in breast milk as well as in Hipp formula. Not only does it nourish your baby, but it promotes gut health. Combiotic formula is not something that is found on baby formula shelves in US stores.

Holle Baby Formula

Holle organic baby formula has an even higher standard in terms of organic food. For over 80 years, Holle has only made milk that is Demeter-quality. While it is still considered biodynamic farming like Hipp, Demeter-certified farms have a greater balance between the soil, the animal, and the humans who take on the responsibilities of the farm. These guidelines do not stop with the cow's milk. It is a part of the entire process that makes the organic baby formula possible. Holle also makes a goat's milk formula, also processed according to Demeter-quality standards.


It is easy to say that there is nothing like Hipp and Holle formulas in the United States, because there isn't. They are the leaders in European organic baby formula because they meet your baby's nutritional needs without adding ingredients and preservatives that can decrease your infant's full potential for growth and development. You can find organic baby formula anywhere, or you can choose the best organic baby formula.


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