September 14, 2016

Military and First Responder Discount

At My Organic Formula we care about all families; especially those who sacrifice daily for our country. One of the ways we express our gratitude is by offering a generous discount to the families of military personnel and first responders. If you serve our country in this capacity, we welcome and encourage you to take advantage of our offer.


Why We Offer This Discount

Our company is founded on the premise that healthy families form healthy communities; and healthy communities contribute to a healthy world. Those who ensure the safety and protection of our homes and families deserve special recognition and support. Military personnel, fire fighters, paramedics, and police officers are appreciated and respected at My Organic Formula, and we’d like to show our respect with special savings just for you.

Growing families who serve our cities and towns are often presented with special challenges. Mothers of young infants sometimes find themselves deployed, or working long shifts, making breastfeeding a desired but complicated venture. Fathers who are in a similar situation aren’t always available to offer the support so very necessary to mothers in a breastfeeding relationship. These situations may require the use of infant formula, either full time, or as a supplement to breastfeeding. My Organic Formula is pleased to offer the absolute highest quality baby formulas, allowing families to rest assured that they are providing optimum nutrition for their children.

Even though our infant and toddler formulas are necessary at times, and fully sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of all healthy babies, we recognize that finances must be considered. Sadly, military and first responder families could never be paid what their service is actually worth. With our discount plan, we hope to make a small difference in a tight budget, allowing babies to reap all the benefits of our excellent products.


How to Obtain Our Discount

Qualifying for your Military/First Responder discount is as simple as emailing us!



log on to our website at; and choose from among our many superior organic products the ones that best suit your needs.



Once your list is complete, email us your name and telephone number as well as a photograph or photo-copy of your military or first responder ID. For your safety and ours, please black out all personal information except for your name. You can rest assured your phone number, email and ID will be safe with us. We will never share it. Once you are I.D. verified, you will be eligible to enjoy a 15% (10% recurring + 5% extra) discount on all of our outstanding products!



We will then give you a call to let you know you have been verified, and will take your order. If you subscribe with us, you will never need to verify your ID again, and will receive an additional 5% discount for joining our subscription service; which you can cancel at any time. Your discount will then remain in our database for future purchases. It couldn’t be simpler.

It is our hope that all of America’s military and first responder families will join forces with us to ensure that the next generation of young Americans will be as healthy as possible!  

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