April 11, 2018

Should Baby Formula Be Foamy?

When you prepare your baby's formula, do you feel like you are making a milkshake full of foam?

Parents across the social media boards ask if it is normal to have foam in their bottles. Often it is the popular American brands that has too many bubbles, which is air that you do not want your baby to have in their stomachs.

What Causes Foam in Baby Formula?

One of the main causes of bubbly foam in baby formula is the shake. When you put the powder in with the water, close the lid, and shake to mix, you end up with many bubbles. Some formulas bubble up more than others when using this method.

The type of formula can have an impact on how smooth or foamy it may be. For example, formula that is specially made for babies who are dealing with gas and reflux is less likely to foam. Parents have reviewed Hipp baby formulas online and note that it does not foam like the other brands they have used.

What If Your Baby Formula is Foamy?

If you get aggressive with your shaking and your baby's formula has some foam, here are some tips to help keep them out of your baby's tummy.

  • Scoop out the foam. It may be a little time consuming, but it is effective.
  • Add a drop or two of gas drops. It does reduce the bubbles and it is approved by many pediatricians. It is up to you if you want or need to use this additive.
  • Start with cold water. Some parents online suggest that the temperature of the water affects the foaminess of the final product. Others recommend warm water in that the foam will settle in less time.
  • Stir, don't shake. The stirring method does less to agitate the mixture and causes fewer bubbles.
  • Make a bigger batch. Many parents make a pitcher ahead of time and store it over the twenty-four hour period. This means that they only have to heat the amount they need. If you do have foam at the beginning, they will all disappear by the time your baby is hungry.

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