December 27, 2017

Which Brand of Baby Formula is Best

Which Brand of Baby Formula is Best?

Baby formula comes in all types, brands, prices, and sizes.  In general, all baby formulas must meet the standards established by organizations such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  So which formula out of all of the choices is best?

As the parent, you need to choose what is right for you and your baby.  It all starts with how you can purchase it.

Three Types of Baby Formula

Baby formula is available for purchase as ready-to-use, liquid concentrate, and powdered.

  1. Ready-To-Use Formula

Ready-to-use baby formula is the easiest form of baby formula for parents.  It is already prepared, comes in sealed, hygienic containers.  There is no measuring, no concerns about water safety, and there is little waiting that your hungry baby will need to experience.  It does, however, come with a short shelf life.  Once opened, it must be used within 48 hours.  It can also be the most expensive.

  1. Liquid Concentrate Formula

Liquid concentrate is less expensive than ready-to-use formula because you get to add the water to the liquid.  It also requires less storage space, especially if you are dealing with all of the extra items you need for your baby's feedings.  Liquid concentrate mixes easier than powdered because it doesn't need as much time to dissolve.  Babies don't like chunks in their formula and they can clog the nipples. 

  1. Powdered Formula

Many parents will choose powdered baby formula because it is the most economic.  There are more servings per container, the cost per ounce is less than the other forms, and it has a longer shelf life.  It does take longer to prepare, but many parents are fast learners after a few feedings.


The Best Brand of Baby Formula For Your Baby

The best brand of baby formula is the most natural and closest to breast milk.  Organic baby formula contains no GMOs, no pesticides or chemicals, and no additives that your baby does not need.  Not only do you need to consider your baby's nutritional needs, but also their health and development.  In the United States, there are many brands that are certified organic, but none compare to the organic baby food that has to meet the guidelines established by the European Union.  Even though the standards are higher than in the U.S., the USDA is not adopting all of the regulations. 

HiPP, Holle, and Lebenswert are made in Europe, namely Germany and Switzerland.  They are made by companies that make baby food and baby formula.  They do not add unhealthy sweeteners.  In fact, the European Union banned the addition of sucrose in baby formula in 2009 because it could contribute to obesity and overfeeding.  While soy and carrageenan are natural ingredients, they are not found in these organic products.  Soy has high levels of phytoestrogen which can affect your baby's development while carrageenan can cause stomach problems or some forms of cancer.

The only thing that you will find in these baby formulas are milk from cows that are raised on natural meadows that are not treated with chemicals.  The milk is processed without the use of chemicals in order to produce the formula.  

HiPP Formula

HiPP has been one of the leaders in baby formula with consumers in over 50 countries.  It supports sustainable agricultural methods as the largest processor of organically produced raw materials in the world.  HiPP uses lactose as a natural sweetener in its baby formula.

Holle Formula 

Holle is proud of its history producing organic baby formula since 1933.  It focuses on the use of Demeter quality certified milk for formulas.  Demeter quality means that it follows strict biodynamic standards in its approach to organic farming.  Holle uses the natural sweetener maltodextrin in smaller quantities than its American counterparts. 

Lebenswert Formula 

Lebenswert is a part of Holle, but is its own line of high quality, organically-raised baby formulas that meet your baby's nutritional needs.  They add nothing but the best quality ingredients.  Even though it does not have the Demeter quality certification, it is all organic.  It also does not have starch or maltodextrin which Holle does.

Whether you are starting your baby on infant milk or any of the products by these three brands, your baby will be drinking the best brands of baby formula for their nutritional needs.


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