August 04, 2018



Why Can't I Find Hipp Formula in the USA?

Hipp baby formula is a leader in the area of organic baby food. Why is it not available on shelves in the US?

When you want the best for your baby, breast milk is best. When you need another option, organic formula has everything you want for your baby's nutrition and less of the synthetic and questionable ingredients you don't. There are a number of good organic formula brands in the United States, but there are some things that they lack in comparison to European organic baby formula. Such things like:

  • biodynamic farming practices
  • stricter federal guidelines in terms of organic products
  • ingredients that are derived from natural, non-GMO, organic alternatives

The problem for parents who want Hipp is that they cannot find it in grocery stores. There are a number of imported goods on the shelves, so why not Hipp formula?

Hipp Formula and the FDA

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is in charge of the regulations regarding the manufacture and distribution of infant formula. There are laws and regulations for all products that are sold in the United States. Every company that makes baby formula in the country must register their information including the nutrient content, quantity, quality control, and other information such as recordkeeping and reporting. This is important to ensure the health and safety of consumers.

The other requirement that is important to imported baby formula like Hipp is labeling guidelines. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection enforce all of these guidelines. While travelers and individuals can bring in boxes of foreign baby formula, there are many more requirements for food distributors.

How Can You Get Hipp Formula in the USA?

While you can't get Hipp formula when during your typical shopping trip, you can still get it from authorized wholesalers. You could find it from large online retailers, but they often come from third-party sellers who cannot guarantee the authentic product or shipping.

Reputable organic baby formula retailers such as MyOrganicFormula only uses authorized wholesalers to ensure the safety and quality of the product. Because they use reputable shipping companies, the formula is also not irradiated when it comes into the country. By ordering online, you are also able to keep the costs down and have your choice of healthy, wholesome, organic baby formula like Hipp delivered to your door.


It is possible to provide your baby with the wholesome, organic goodness of Hipp formula in the USA, just not in the conventional way of grocery stores and big box retailers. Online suppliers like MyOrganicFormula allow you to have the Hipp and other European organic baby formulas in your home.

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