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Can Infant Formula Be Returned?


You didn't open it. It's still sealed. Can it be returned? 

Each store has a different policy when it comes to product returns. The same is true when you order your baby formula online. 

Can I Return Infant Formula? 

You bought too much

You bought the wrong type

You chose a different brand or company than you wanted

When you order food products on MyOrganicFormula, you are making a choice in European organic baby formula from excellent companies that offer quality baby nutrition. For some reason, you may want to return your purchase and get your money back. When it comes to the return policy, the answer to that is no.

Why Can't I Return My Infant Formula? 

The policy on returns has been in place since March of 2017. One of the main reasons is that the product is perishable with a strict “use by” date. MyOrganicFormula is focused on providing you with new, unused, unopened products that have been minimally handled. Reselling product is not possible nor part of our mission.

You can find more about the Return Policy on the FAQ page.

So What Do I Do With My Extra Infant Formula?

If the package is still sealed and undamaged, you may be able to resell or gift it to a friend who also have a baby on formula. You might even invite them and get a discount on your referral. You can also donate it to a woman's shelter or food bank. Just be sure that it is not close to expiring when you drop it off.

If you got too much, you can still use it. If your baby is turning one soon, you don't have to transition to whole milk right on your little one's birthday. The enjoyment of a good body of organic baby formula can carry on a little while longer until it is all gone.

If you got the wrong kind, contact customer service to get the right one. Still, you may find that the different one is good  enough if you know that there are no allergy concerns. Maybe your baby will discover a new favorite.

There are a number of ways to be flexible when returning your formula is not an option.

Edited and reposted from June 2018

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