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About Us

My Organic Formula is here to help parents find the healthiest formula to feed their baby. 

We know from experience with our own babies that this isn’t always easy. We could just pull the nearest box off the supermarket shelf...but we wanted to do better than that.

We found ourselves overwhelmed with the amount of formula products out there. Every brand promises that they’re offering healthy milk...but how could we really know for sure?

Rather than trying to choose a brand from off the shelf, we decided to go right back to basics. 

We thought about what’s really important for a baby to have in their milk, and also what would work for us ethically.

Clean eating for babies

We realized organic was really important to us. Partly for the nutritional benefits, and partly because it’s a more sustainable way to farm. Maybe that won’t make a difference for our lives, but it’ll certainly make a difference for our kids' futures. 

The same went for GMOs – not only did we not want our babies being fed risky GMO ingredients that we wouldn’t eat ourselves, we were worried about how GMOs are affecting our ecosystem...and that really matters for our kids.

We also wanted the formula we were feeding our babies to be as close to breast milk as we could get it: gentle, natural and packed with nutritional goodness. That ruled out anything with corn syrup, thickeners or anything that really doesn’t belong in baby milk.

And that led us to European organic formula...

Why we went European

We settled on a European organic, GMO-free formula brand. Organic standards elsewhere just aren’t as high as those in Europe, so we weren’t going to be able to trust that any other brand was truly organic, or as healthy, as it claimed to be. 

In fact, we tried a few brands before we hit on the right one. Like a lot of parents, we found that not every formula suits every baby’s tummy! When we did find the right brand for us, we knew it was perfect – no more upset tummies or grumpiness. 

As you probably know, when a baby loves their milk, it’s obvious.

From our babies, to yours…

We knew we couldn’t be the only parents out there who aren’t willing to just settle for the nearest box on the supermarket shelf. 

When we started talking to friends, we realized that so many parents find it hard to choose the right formula, but not everyone realizes that European brands are even an option. 

So we made it an option. 

We started My Organic Formula to give all parents the opportunity to buy trusted, organic brands that meet our own exacting standards. 

And with all the knowledge we’ve built up, through our research and working with thousands of parents, we’re now able to help parents choose the perfect formula for their own babies – even if they’re particularly sensitive or have allergies.

What you’ll find in our store…

The only products you’ll find in our store are those we’ve used ourselves, or that we’d be happy giving to our own children and recommending to our closest friends. 

No formula product gets into our store unless its…

  • Produced in line with high European organic standards.
  • GMO-free
  • Nutritionally complete
  • Free of unnecessary additives and sweeteners. 
  • As natural as possible

Taking the stress out of formula

We’ve also made it our mission to make ordering formula as simple and stress-free as possible.

  • No-one wants to find that they can’t get the one perfect formula their baby we keep our warehouse well-stocked. 
  • No-one wants to take delivery of a box of formula only to find it’s damaged and unusable (just when the last box is about to run out). We take great care when we prep, pack and deliver your order. 
  • And no-one wants to run out of formula with a hungry baby in the house, so we ship same day (for orders made before 1pm PST) and deliver in 2-3 days. We also offer easy subscription bundles that mean your order arrives on autopilot (at a discount of up to 20%).

And if anything is ever not quite as you expected? Our customer service team is on hand to help Monday through Friday.

That feeling of knowing your baby is happy, healthy and well-fed is priceless. We’re here to share it with you.


The My Organic Formula family


P.S – if you need a little help deciding which formula is right for your baby, head over to our blog for advice. 

P.P.S – if there’s a formula brand we’re not yet stocking, but you think we should, we’d love to hear about it. Let us know here.