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Nannycare Formula

Nannycare is a UK based company that focusses on developing formulas based solely on goat milk. Nannycare believes goat milk formula is the best base for baby formula, which is why they are passionate about the natural qualities of goat milk to produce the best quality formula.
Nannycare is a UK based company that focusses on developing formulas based solely on goat milk. Nannycare believes goat milk formula is the best base for baby formula, which is why they are passionate about the natural qualities of goat milk to produce the best quality formula.
Goat Milk
0-6 months
Nannycare Stage 1 Goat Milk Formula (900 gr.)
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Goat Milk
6-12 months
Nannycare Stage 2 Goat Milk Formula (900 gr.)
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Goat Milk
12+ months
Nannycare Stage 3 Goat Milk Formula (900 gr.)
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Why Nannycare goat milk formula?

Goat milk is an ancient form of nutrition and very common across many countries in the world. But since the industrialisation of cow’s milk dairy farming led to increasing availability of cow’s milk, many years ago it seemed a logical choice to use it for producing formulas too. However, that didn’t mean cow’s milk was chosen because it was the best base for making formula, Nannycare argued.

Specialist goat milk brand

At Nannycare they are passionate about cultivating this change. Whilst breast milk is undoubtedly the best form of nutrition and no formula milk can compare, parents deserve the best quality and choice in formula milk. This continues today with their pioneering science to lead innovation in goat milk and to bring parents a soft and gentle formula that's closer to nature. This is one of the reasons parents consider Nanny care formula as their go-to formula as an alternative to breast milk. Nannycare is the only specialist goat’s milk brand in our store.

Goat milk from New Zealand

NannyCare is based out of the United Kingdom but sources its goat milk from New Zealand. The co-op of goat farms take pride in their animals and treat them well with grass not treated with chemicals or toxins, which means their milk tastes great too. NannyCare only uses whole goat milk and cream in its formula. Nannycare adheres to the principles of organic farming without being officially certified as organic.

Nanny care formula range

Nannycare doesn’t offer the most extensive range of formula products. But this can be assigned to the focus that Nannycare has on producing the best quality goat milk formula. Another beneficial side of this rather small collection is that choosing the right formula for your child can turn out to be a lot less complicated.

Nannycare’s formulas are tailored to each stage of development, with a range of 3 products.

Nannycare stage 1 formula

Nannycare first infant milk is a nutritionally complete goat milk formula for babies from birth to 12 months. Nannycare’s stage 1 formula is made using natural goat’s milk from pastured, New Zealand goats. Particularly soft and gentle for newborn tummies, goat’s milk needs much less processing than cow’s milk and is naturally closer to breastmilk.

Nannycare stage 2 formula

At the age of 6 months, you can choose to move on to follow-on goat milk for your infant. Baby’s nutritional needs start to increase at 6 months as they begin weaning and transition onto solid foods. Nannycare Follow on Milk has higher levels of Vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus and iron than Stage 1. However, these differences are less relevant if your baby is having a good, varied weaning diet.

Nannycare stage 3 formula

Nannycare growing up formula is meant for children from 12 months to 3 years. Goat milk based milk helps support the nutritional needs of toddlers. Nannycare stage 3 is a great source of vitamin C and vitamin D contributing to the normal function of the immune system in children and calcium needed for normal growth and development of bone in children.

Difference between goat milk and cow milk

The difference between goat milk and cow milk is in its composition. Goat milk has less lactose, the natural carbohydrate that is in milk products. Which is helpful to babies that may have problems tolerating lactose. Also, the milk protein in goat milk is smaller and softer than cow milk. This is ideal for infants whose digestive system is still very immature or may not tolerate the size of milk proteins in cow milk formulas.

Nannycare formula Canada

We are one of the largest, if not the largest, stockist of Nannycare goat formulas for parents around the world, with a strong focus on Canada. Nanny care formula isn’t always widely available in Canada, which is a gap we jumped into. Even when it is available, it could be way more expensive than letting it ship from Europe through We understand that you don’t want to run out on formula, so that’s why we offer subscriptions and bundle deals, which is convenient and saves you money!

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