Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you offer these formula products and not ones available in most grocery stores?

We choose to offer a wide variety Organic formulas sourced from all over the world. We understand that parents prefer to have a selection of Organic formula products to choose from when selecting the best source of nutrition available, regardless of where it is sourced and manufactured. MyOrganicFormula.com strives to offer only the best formulas that were  hand selected and tested by our own son.

We guarantee that all products are organic, so you can buy with trust. Every baby is different, so you may need to try a couple formulas to find the one that’s right for yours. If you prefer to buy based on feedback from other parents in the United States, both Hipp Organic Formulas and Holle Organic Formulas are Bestsellers in North America.


My Doctor recommended a different formula. Why should I consider any other or even Foreign Formula instead?

We understand your concerns! If you take the time to read the ingredients in the most mass-produced baby formula, you’ll find the top ingredient is corn syrup. Essentially, you are feeding your baby highly processed genetically modified sugar. The Organic baby formulas offered at our site provide all of the nutrition your baby needs to grow healthy and strong without the unneeded sugar, pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified ingredients they don’t need.


How Are Holle Lebenswert & Demeter Different?

Stage 1 does not contain maltodextrin, instead, it contains lactose.  The other way that Lebenswert and Demeter differ is that Lebenswert is certified organic with Bioland instead of Demeter. Bioland is a very reputable Certification company that upholds their own set of high organic standards.


I Heard That DHA Is Very Important For My Baby. What is DHA?

DHA is a compound that’s commonly found in breastmilk. DHA contained in Organic infant formulas are produced using Docosahexaenoic single cell oil (DHASCO). DHA oils used in the baby formula are not the same as DHA found in breast milk. There have been no studies that have found a benefit to adding genetically modified/created DHA to formula. Both breast milk and Organic formulas contain essential fatty oils for brain health.


Are Palm And Grape Seed Safe For My Baby?

If you have done any research on this topic, the chances are good that your found warnings regarding saturated fatty acids and promotion of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
However, infants under a year old metabolize nutrients differently than adults and older children. Fatty acids contained in human breast milk are mostly saturated. To closely mimic the composition in human breast milk and to meet legal requirements,  Holle relies on the use of palm oil in the fat mixture for their infant formulas. Palm oil is one of very few vegetable oils rich in saturated fatty acids. Many other vegetable oils are high in mono or polyunsaturated fatty acids. Using palm oil in the mixture with grape seed oil and sunflower oil, offers your baby a complete, wholesome profile of fatty acid and meets all of his or her nutritional requirements.


What Is Maltodextrin And Why Does My Baby Need It?

Maltodextrin is an unsweetened and medium complex carbohydrate derived from starch. The amount and the composition of carbohydrates in infant formulas are legally regulated and a minimum amount of carbohydrates is required. Without the use of maltodextrin, the baby formula would contain more lactose (milk sugar) and have a sweeter taste. Some infants are sensitive to high doses of lactose and suffer from colic when lactose enters the lower parts of the digestive tract. The mild complex structure of maltodextrin makes it easy to digest and less sweet. Since this complex structure is slower to digest, it helps satisfy your baby’s appetite for longer than other formulas. Maltodextrin is scientifically accepted as an accepted ingredient in infant formulas with no disadvantages.


How Many Servings Are Contained In One Box?

The number of servings contained in one box varies depending on the size and brand of baby formula you select. Hipp and Holle Stage 1 makes approximately 90 oz. of prepared formula.  Hipp and Holle Stage 2/3/4 makes approximately 136 oz. of prepared baby formula.


Can I Keep My Baby On Stage 1 For The First Year To Save Money?

To provide your baby with all of the vital nutrition they need to grow and thrive, we recommend that you switch your baby to the age-appropriate formula as they grow. Babies need certain levels of nutrients at different stages in their development. Holle has worked hard for over 80 years perfecting their formulas to meet your baby's growing needs. You’ll find that Stage 1 is a smaller box than Stage 23, and 4 so Stage 1 is slightly more expensive than the older stages.


How Quickly Should Prepared Formula Be Used? 

It is recommended to use a bottle within an hour if it is left sitting at room temperature. Do not reheat mixed formula!


Am I Able To Pre-Prepare Formula For Use Later?

We recommend to always prepare your Baby's formula fresh. But if you need to prepare in advance cause of time issues you can boil a bigger amount of water, let it cool down a bit and fill it in a thermos where you can store the water. If it has to go fast to prepare the formula you already have the water finished and you can mix it with the powder.
Do not forget to check the drinking temperature!


What’s The Best Way To Store Dry Formula? How Quickly Do I Need To Use It Once Opened?

We recommend storing your Organic baby formula in an airtight container. Many of the brands we sell do not contain preservatives, so if exposed to the air, product quality can degrade faster than baby formulas that contain preservatives. The organic baby formula will stay fresh in an airtight container for approximately 1 month.


Are You A Legitimate Seller Of These Organic Baby Formulas?

Absolutely! We have been in business for over 2 years and receive our products from trusted wholesalers in Germany and The Netherlands. We guarantee all of the products we sell are the real deal!


What Are Your Standard Shipping and HandlingTimes?

We offer FREE expedited shipping to customers in the United States and options for even faster delivery times. Our company utilizes multiple fulfillment centers across the  US to make sure our clients receive their orders fast. Orders will ship out within 24 to 48 hours. 

Please email us for more information.


When Can I Expect My Shipment?

We use multiple carriers to ship to customers. Typical shipping times vary from 1-5 business days. Once your order is processed, we provide you with your Tracking Number to follow the progress of your expected delivery date and time.


Do You Ever Offer Sales Promotions?

Yes, we do! We occasionally offer discount sales and special promotions to subscribers of our mailing list. Keep an eye out for these Emails for extra savings on your Organic Baby Formula.


Do You Have A ‘Bricks And Mortar’ Store?

To keep costs and overhead low for all of our valued customers, currently, we only sell online.


How Can I Contact You With Questions?

Please feel free to Email us anytime at customercare@myorganicformula.com. One of our representatives will be happy to help! We strive to reply to all inquiries within 1 business day.

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