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Can You Use Frozen Baby Formula?


Some foods last longer if frozen. Can you prepare formula ahead of time and put it in the freezer for later?

Whether you want to store a package of baby formula or prepare it ahead of time to thaw later, you need to know whether or not it is a good idea to freeze your baby's formula. 

Can You Freeze Baby Formula Powder?

Baby formula comes vacuum-sealed so that is is sterile until the moment you open it. After that, you should use the container in the course of a month. For some hungry eaters, that is not a challenging feat. However, freezing the powder is not a smart idea. According to the Food Safety division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, formula in the freezer can have a negative affect on the its components. High humidity, like that found in a freezer, can cause the powder to clump. Clumpy formula can alter the actual amount that goes into your baby's bottle and give them too much of the minerals. Over an extended period of time, this can damage your baby's kidneys.

Can You Freeze Prepared Baby Formula?

While some parents will prepare enough formula for a 24-hour period in the refrigerator, the same cannot be said for prepared baby formula. Just like the powder, the components of baby formula can change when frozen. If you want to prepare your baby's formula ahead of time, the best thing to do is make enough for a day and put it in the coldest part of your refrigerator.

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