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EU Regulations that Affect Baby Formula


The EU is enforcing changes in European baby formula. What does that mean for your favorite brands?

Organic baby formulas from Europe are impacted by some of the most strict guidelines. These guidelines have an impact on the ingredients used in their recipes. Since the brands like HiPP, Holle, Lebenswert, and Loulouka are products of biodynamic agriculture, they are organic and use only high-quality ingredients that are beneficial to an infant’s nutrition.When it comes to items that are already great, these differences are improvements that continue the benefits to a baby’s development.

What is New with Organic Baby Formula From Europe?

As of February 2020, the European Union declared new legislation that requires changes to packaging and ingredients of infant formulas. One of those changes is that docosahexaenoic acid, more commonly referred to as DHA, must be added within a range of 20-50 milligrams per 100 kilocalories (mg/100 kcal).

DHA is known for its benefits to brain and eye development as well as immunity and nervous system development. DHA occurs naturally in breast milk especially if the mother takes fish oil supplements. The EU made this decision about DHA in baby formula based on the latest scientific and nutritional research. At this time, all formulas for infants from birth on will contain the omega-3 fatty acid. The source of DHA will come from fish oil. This is already implemented in HiPP formula, so the amount will be adjusted to comply with the new guidelines.

Other changes to the European baby formulas are an increase to some of the other nutrients such as Vitamin D and choline. If a baby is already eating any of the formulas, there will be a small difference in taste and consistency. The variation will be so minor that a baby will adjust with ease. 

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