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European Formulas for Infants with Allergies and Sensitivities

European Formulas for Infants with Allergies and Sensitivities


When a health issue arises in a baby or small child, one of the best things we can do to support their bodies is to nourish them with pure, holistic nutrition. Infants who develop a sensitivity or allergy to their formula often have an imbalance going on in their bodies. Though it’s not always easy to correct this imbalance, we at My Organic Formula offer several formulas that can help.


What is an Allergy?

People are often confused about the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity. Allergies happen when a normally harmless substance enters the body and the immune system sees it as a threat and attacks. This over reaction by the immune system can cause a wide range of symptoms from anaphylactic shock, asthma or hives, to an itchy, watery noses, skin rashes, and eczema. Food sensitivities, on the other hand, are largely contained to the digestive tract. Sensitivities are often a sign that the body is lacking a certain enzyme needed to properly break down the food; or that the digestive system is out of balance in some way. Food sensitivities are also often caused by food additives, preservatives, chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Food sensitivities can often be corrected by removing harmful substances from the diet and taking steps to correct any imbalances.

Switching to any of our organic, European made formulas will remove the threat of harmful food additives and chemicals from your baby’s diet. The following formulas can also be used to help with allergies, and sensitivities while you seek to correct the imbalances in your baby’s body.


HiPP HA Combiotik

HiPP’s HA Combiotik line is designed specifically for infants that have an allergy to cow milk. This hypoallergenic formula has highly broken down proteins that your baby’s body is less likely to see as a threat, and thereby is less likely to react to. As with several other Hipp formulas, Hipp HA also contains prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) fibers like those found in breastmilk; as well as probiotic cultures which nourish and strengthen the gut and immune system. GOS not only support probiotic colonies in your baby’s belly, helping them to thrive; but also helps to keep stools soft and comfortable. Probiotics are an important addition to the diet of anyone who is suffering from a health condition; was born via C-section; has been on antibiotics or has had sugar in their regular diet, as any of these things can cause a disruption in normal gut flora. Gut flora, or probiotic colonies are an important part of the digestive system, as well as the immune system. Having these two things in your baby’s formula will help to balance out and regulate proper digestive function. 

The Pre version of HiPP HA Combiotik formula has no starch, as some babies are extra sensitive in their earlier months and have trouble digesting starch. Stage 1 HA does contain starch, to help the formula be more satisfying as your baby grows. Neither stages of the formula contain gluten, egg, or peanut oil. HiPP HA does, however, contain fish oil in their special blend of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, to help support brain and nervous system function. 



HiPP Special Comfort

Hipp Special Comfort is designed to help infants who have a particularly sensitive stomach. Much like HiPP HA it features smaller milk protiens. Its unique formulation also lessens gas and bloating, while helping to soften stools. Hipp Special Comfort contains the same prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharide fibers and probiotics that HiPP HA has, which nourish and strengthen the gut and immune system. In addition, it also contains Beta-Palmitate, another substance found in breastmilk, which aids in the metabolism of fats, calcium absorption; and is important to the proper formation of stools and gut health. If your baby has trouble digesting most cow milk based formulas, Hipp Special Comfort is another great option. As for other allergens, it does not contain gluten, egg or peanut oil. It does have the omega 3 and 6 fatty acid fish oil.


Holle Goat Milk

Holle Goat milk is a very pure and simple organic formula. Goat milk has been found to be helpful in infants who are sensitive to cow milk. Though goat milk has a similar profile to cow milk, the casein and lactalbumin proteins—which often cause issues in sensitive babies—naturally occur in smaller quantities, and are structurally different from those in cow milk. The proteins in Goat milk are, by nature, easier to digest. The fats found in goat milk also differ from those in cow milk, in that they form a smaller globule size and are more evenly distributed. This also leads to easier digestion. Most individuals who switch from cow milk to goat milk find that their sensitivity symptoms subside. Holle goat milk formula is gluten free, soy free, egg free, peanut free and fish free. It does contain maltodextrin, which is generally made from corn, as a source of carbohydrate necessary to help it match the carbohydrate profile of breastmilk.


Too often, well-meaning doctors and formula companies recommend soy (a potentially dangerous ingredient) or hypoallergenic formulas high in corn syrup and artificial ingredients for babies who show sensitivities to their formulas. These substitutes often add to underlying health issues and can cause problems for children later in life. HiPP and Holle have designed their products out of a desire for all children to have access to the best nutrition possible. We at MyOrganicFormula.com could not agree more.

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