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Formula Company Biodynamic and Demeter Farming Practices


Not all organic products are created equal. The makers of organic baby formula in Europe follow an organic farming method that is holistic, It takes into account the environment, animal health and husbandry, economic and social aspects of farming and soil fertility. This method is often referred to as biodynamic, bioland or demeter farming. All of the European formulas we carry are produced using these deeper biodynamic methods.

What is Biodynamic Farming?

Biodynamic farming was developed in the early 1920’s by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, in response to declining soil fertility and modern farm practices. Considered to be one of the most advanced holistic forms of food production, the Biodynamic Association website, describes biodynamic farming as a, “holistic, ecological and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition.” It strives to produce a “diversified, balanced ecosystem,” that preserves and promotes health and fertility. Every part of a biodynamic farm works together as an independent organism to produce sustainable, truly healthy products.

Animals on biodynamic farms are treated with the utmost respect. They are truly free range and grass fed. Overcrowding is prohibited. The lands that they graze on are well maintained with ecology in mind. Care is taken in breeding and quality of life, so that animals remain healthy without the use of antibiotics or other chemicals.

Produce on a biodynamic farm is grown in soil that has been tended, to cultivate good bacteria and a natural balance of fertility. Fields are treated with a mixture of herbs, minerals and fermented manure. No chemical pesticides or herbicides are used, ever. Food produced this way is more nutritious, and naturally tastier, as it has a good balance of nutrients to access as it grows. Natural, untouched spaces are also maintained to encourage a broader biodiversity and ecological protection.

To add to this, biodynamic farming also keeps the larger picture in mind. It looks at the whole of creation and how it effects the farm. Seasons, the sun, moon and planets are all taken into account when planting. The local community is involved in any way possible. Many biodynamic farms have partnerships with schools, restaurants and local business. They are committed to good, healthy, fair economy and building up the society where they are located. It really is a beautiful and natural process, from ground to table.      

Holle Formula and Demeter Farming

I was asked by a customer the other day, “but how do you know it’s organic?” I replied, “I know that Holle products are organic because the farms where they are produced are Demeter certified farms.” Demeter certification is a process under which a farm has to meet rigorous biodynamic standards. These standards go above and beyond the already brilliant biodynamic farming ideas to really protect and nourish the environment, farm animals and society as a whole. Demeter certification guarantees that you are getting a product that will be totally natural, unadulterated and nutritious.   

Lebenswert Formula and Bioland Farming

Lebenswert is also a certified biodynamic farming company, that operates under the Holle company. Though there are some minor differences in standards, Lebenswert bioland farming practices are equally conscious of biodynamic principals and strict care of animals. You can be assured that you are also getting the very best with Lebenswert.


The founder of the Hipp company and his family successors have built their company name around their dedication to biodynamic farming practices. They also use slightly different methods than Holle, but at the very core of their company the ideas are the same. They tend and care for their farms and their community with dedication and commitment to the highest organic and natural standards.       



Babylove is also committed to the high organic standards of Germany and the European Union. It is Bio certified and adheres to the biodynamic organic laws. Like each of the above products, Babylove formulas are pure, natural and very nutritious.

Imagine if all the world held to biodynamic farming practices. We would be so much healthier and our environment would be protected. Thankfully, we have access to some of these wonderful products and can rest assured that our children can have a good nutritious start to life, when formula is

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