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Hipp HA Combiotik vs. Holle Goat Milk

Hipp HA Combiotik vs. Holle Goat Milk


Does your baby have a cow milk sensitivity? Cow milk allergies or sensitivities can cause upset stomach, spitting up, gas, diarrhea, skin rash, and fussiness. To address this issue, both Hipp and Holle have created special infant formulas with the cow milk sensitive baby in mind.


Hipp HA Combiotik   

Hipp HA Combiotik is Hipp’s hypoallergenic formula. It is specially formulated to help sensitive babies and may also help desensitize them to cow milk. Though Hipp HA contains cow milk, it is broken down into tiny pieces designed not to irritate your baby’s stomach. These tiny protein pieces are less likely to be labeled as foreign by your baby’s body, and therefore less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Most babies who are sensitive to cow milk, tolerate Hipp HA well.  


GOS in Hipp HA

As with Hipp’s other combiotik formulas, Hipp HA has several ingredients designed to nurture and comfort your baby’s stomach. Hipp HA contains galcatooligosaccarides or GOS. GOS are special prebiotic fibers, which are found in breastmilk and certain foods, including legumes. GOS promote healthy bowel function and serve as a food source for the beneficial bacteria that inhabit the gut. Many studies have shown that infants who receive a steady intake of GOS have healthier bowel movements and less instances of upset stomach.


Probiotics in Hipp HA

To add to the gut building benefits of GOS, Hipp HA Combiotik contains probiotics. Probiotics are live beneficial cultures which support healthy gut flora and immune systems. Many infants are born with too few gut bacteria colonies. This can happen if their mother has been on antibiotics, or they were born via C-section, as the initial colonies come primarily from fluids swallowed during the birth process. Infants can also develop sensitivities after a bout of illness and subsequent antibiotic use, which kills off good bacteria as well as bad. There is some indication that a diet high in sugars, such as glucose and fructose can also have a negative impact on gut flora. If your baby has previously been on formulas containing high amounts of these sugars, his gut flora might be compromised. Using a formula like Hipp HA Combiotic can restore gut balance and decrease sensitivities.


No Palm Oil in Hipp HA

Hipp HA Combiotic is also free of palm oil. Palm oil can combine with calcium in your baby’s gut and form a soapy substance which irritates and coats the intestines. If your baby is having allergies or sensitives, staying away from formulas which contain palm oil may help alleviate some of his symptoms.

If you suspect that your baby is cow milk sensitive, give Hipp HA a try before you turn to other milk free or soy formulas, it will likely do the trick, and be much healthier in the long run.   


Holle Goat Milk Formula

Another option for the cow milk sensitive baby is Holle goat milk formula.

Difference in Goat and Cow Milk Proteins:

Cow milk formulas contain the milk proteins casein and lactalbumin. Many infants who have a cow milk allergy or sensitivity are reacting to these proteins. Infants often have trouble digesting casein and lactalbumin. When this happens, their bodies see the proteins as invaders and attack them. This causes inflammation in the gut, diarrhea or constipation, gas and acid reflux.

Goat milk also contains casein and lactalbumin; however, in smaller quantities. The casein and lactalbumin in goat milk also differs structurally from that found in cow milk. When the proteins in goat milk react with stomach acid, they form smaller curds than cow milk. The smaller amount and structural differences of goat milk proteins make them more easily digested. Because of this, babies who are sensitive to cow milk can often tolerate and thrive on goat milk formulas.


Difference in Goat and Cow Milk Fats

Babies can sometimes be sensitive to the fats in their formula as well. This sensitivity can cause acid reflux and excessive spitting up. Fats are, however, very important for good brain development and a healthy endocrine system in babies, toddlers and children.  Both cow and goat milks offer these important fats. Though there are few differences between the fat types and contents of goat and cow milks, the fats in goat milk are more evenly distributed and form a smaller size globule. The smaller size of the globule makes for easier digestion and causes less acid reflux in sensitive individuals. 

Often switching to a formula without additives and sugars can be enough to help a sensitive baby. Hipp HA and Holle goat milk formula have the added benefit of being easier to digest. If your baby needs extra gut support Hipp HA is the best option for both gut health and sensitivity. If, on the other hand, your baby is simply sensitive to cow milk, Holle goat milk formula may be just the thing to get him back on track.  



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