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Are you weaning your baby? Does your little one seem hungrier or not satisfied with their formula? Follow on formula may be your next step.

Baby formula is designed to meet your baby's nutritional needs from birth to their first year. When you are using organic baby formula from Europe, this would be Infant Milk, or Stage 1. Products such as Holle Organic is 99% organically grown with milk from cows raised on Demeter-certified farms. It is the right balance of wholesome ingredients plus the vitamins and minerals that are necessary for growth and development from the inside out.


What is Follow On Milk?

Follow on milk is the next stage of baby formula. It is made for babies ages six months on up. While it still has all of the nutrition that your baby still needs, it has more that makes it more filling for your baby. If you are looking at the organic baby formula from Europe, you may also see it categorized as Stage 2 milk.


What Makes Holle Follow On Formula Different?

Just like Infant Milk, Holle Follow On Formula is made with Demeter-quality milk. It also contains organic maltodextrin as the carbohydrate. Even though it is derived from corn, it is not a sweetener as it is essentially tasteless. In fact, it helps balance the sweetness of the formula. Maltodextrin is also a thickening agent which helps make it filling. Stage 2 also includes organic starch to help make it filling without the use of extra sugars or synthetic ingredients that can be in traditional baby formula.


Is Your Baby Ready for Holle Follow On Formula?

Babies who are six months or older are ready to move up to Holle Follow On formula if needed. If your baby is nursed and content or you are not ready to wean yet, you do not have to start right away. You can decide if you want to replace breast milk or add bottled formula along with breast milk. The same is true if your baby is satisfied after every feeding. Follow On formula has about the same amount of calories, vitamins, minerals, and fat content. It can also be used mixed in with cereals, porridges, and other foods used in the transition to solid foods. If you choose to start your baby on Stage 2 Follow On formula by Holle, you can be confident that your baby is getting all of the nutrition they need with organic-quality ingredients.

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