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Is It Ok Mixing Baby Formula and Milk?

Baby formula is typically made from cow's milk.  Can you mix baby formula with milk?

When breast milk is not an option for your baby, infant formula is made from cow's milk to become their source of nutrition.  You may wonder if you can prepare formula with milk, especially as they transition to whole milk as they become toddlers. 

Infants and Baby Formula with Milk

When your child is an infant, it is important to prepare baby formula as directed on the package.  It is the right balance of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that your little one needs.  This means that it is mixed with water, not more milk.  Whole milk is not a part of your infant's diet for 12 months because their digestive system is not ready to digest milk like toddlers can.  It is also not nutritionally appropriate at this early age.  More importantly, when you add milk or even breast milk to mix your baby's formula, you are concentrating nutrients which is more strain on their body, especially the kidneys.

Toddlers and Baby Formula with Milk

Once your baby is ready to drink milk, you can help your little one wean off baby formula.  Some babies may make the switch from baby formula to milk with ease.  Others need a slower transition.  When you prepare a bottle of baby formula, you can add milk along with it so that they can adjust to the taste of it.  You will still prepare the baby formula with water,

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