February 21, 2018


Is it Ok to Heat Formula in a Microwave?


When your baby is hungry, your little one does not want to wait.  Can you heat pre-made formula in the microwave?


Ready-to-serve baby formula is ideal for many parents because you do not have to adjust the temperature for your baby's consumption.  However, it is not the most economical for most families.  However, at three in the morning, you want to get a bottle ready as soon as possible.  Even if you have liquid concentrate in the refrigerator or pre-made formula ready to go, you still need to heat it up.  Is it possible to heat a bottle directly in the microwave?


Hot Spots in the Microwave

Hot spots are one of the biggest concerns when it comes to liquids heated in the microwave.  If you are not careful, your baby can burn their mouth if temperature is uneven throughout the bottle.  Some parts may be 80 degrees Fahrenheit while another part of the bottle may be closer to 120 degrees.  Your baby needs their food to be warmed as evenly as possible.



Destroying Nutrients in the Microwave

For a number of years, there was a concern that the radiation from the microwave was destroying the nutrients that are in your baby's formula.  While that has not been proven to be a fact, it is still not recommended to microwave a baby's bottle directly in the microwave.



Plastic Bottle Concerns in the Microwave

Even though your baby's bottle may be BPA-free, it does not mean that it is microwave-safe.  Plastic that is heated can actually leach contaminants into the food or liquid that is in the container.  If you are not sure, then the safest route is to not microwave plastic containers at all.



How to Use Your Microwave to Prepare Baby Formula 

If you want to use the microwave to warm your baby's bottle, you can heat water in a bowl or microwave-safe cup.  After a few minutes, shake the bottle to distribute the formula evenly.  Test for temperature.


More than anything, follow the preparation guidelines on your baby formula's packaging.


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