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Organic Baby Formula: Holle


What makes Holle organic baby formula stand out from all of the rest? It has a long history of goodness, certified and tested for quality, and the next best thing to breast milk. 

With all of the baby formula and organic baby formula brands from which to choose, you want to find the right one for your special little one. A history of natural quality and a shared love for nurturing your baby makes Holle organic baby formula the right choice.

A Long History of Organic Baby Formula

When it comes to organic baby formula, Holle has been a part of the baby food manufacturing field for many decades. In fact, it is one of the oldest dating back to 1933. By taking the lead toward biodynamic quality, it has been a strong role model for organic baby food from the ground up.

Organic foods must follow the strict guidelines established by federal agricultural departments. This means that there cannot be any chemical pesticides or herbicides used to grow crops. It can also not contaminate the feed used for the dairy cows, goats, and other farm animals associated with the production of organic foods. Genetically modified ingredients (GMOs) are also prohibited from organic foods.

Holle takes it even further by practicing biodynamic agriculture as a certified Demeter-quality organization. All of the farmers must follow the Demeter-quality standards in order to be certified and providers for Holle. These farms are fruitful based on the holistic role that all of the components play from soil to production. Even the manufacturing and production of these products must follow the standards so that they are worthy of Demeter certification.

A Bright Future in Organic Baby Formula 

Even after eight decades of producing organic baby food and organic baby formula, Holle is still leading the industry. The natural goodness that you feed your baby is a part of Holle's mission to maintain the natural goodness on the planet. Holle is recognized for its commitment to sustainability. It employs farmers who follow the biodynamic farming practices that are better for the environment and the organisms that live there. It produces baby food with a goal of minimizing the carbon footprint with CO2 neutral products.

Holle understands the importance of breast milk for a baby's nutritional needs. It also understands that not every mother is able to nurse for a number of reasons. That is why organic baby formula from Holle is made as natural and wholesome as it can be.


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