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Organic Baby Formula Through the Winter

If this is the first winter with your formula-fed baby, don’t let the drop in temperature affect your baby’s food.

Winter is a fun time for children, and your baby will be full of wonder with the first falling snow. There will also be plenty of time for warm snuggles whether you are at home or on the go. While it may be cooler outside, you still need to make sure that you are keeping everything safe.

Food Safety and Organic Baby Formula

It doesn’t matter which season you are in, food safety is important year round. If not handled properly, your baby’s formula can be the home of bacterial growth that can make your little one sick. That is why you need to store it as directed.

Powdered Organic Formula

When the heat comes on in your home, make sure that your formula is still stored in a cool, dry spot. Do not put a humidifier near it or store the dry mix in the refrigerator or freezer. When powdered formula gets damp, it starts to clump. While it can still dissolve in water, you cannot guarantee that it is the correct amount for your baby’s nutrition. The higher concentration of vitamins and minerals over time can hurt your baby’s kidneys over time. The ratio of powder to water is balanced for your baby’s needs.

Pre-Mixed Organic Formula

If you do pre-mix your baby’s formula, it can sit out for about an hour before you should be concerned with bacteria. If you refrigerate the pre-mixed formula, the liquid can keep for 24 hours. Never freeze pre-mixed formula because it will separate and does not return to the original state.

Cold Weather and Organic Baby Formula

You are not going to hide out with your baby at home all winter long. You have work, family visits, appointments, and other activities. Preparation and organization will make it easy for you to take along your baby’s formula while keeping it safe. 

Stock Your Diaper Bag

Think about how many feedings you will be away from home and pack enough bottles, formula, and water for both. If you are taking bottled water, make sure that it is not enhanced with fluoride or other minerals that your baby doesn’t need. Organic baby formula such as Hipp, Holle, Lebenswert, and Loulouka generally come in sachets, so it is easier to fit in a diaper bag than bulky cans. 

Are you going to be out in the cold? Consider boiling your water ahead of time. You can keep your baby warm from the inside out by heating water before putting it in a thermos or insulated water bottle. By the time you make a bottle, the water will have cooled slightly but not as cold as a water bottle that has been outside all day. If you make extra water, you can make yourself some hot chocolate if you remember to bring the mix packet. 

If you prefer to bring any pre-mixed or ready-to-eat formula, pack it in a small cooler that will stay cold enough for the time that you are away. When your baby is ready to eat, you can use the warm water from the thermos to pour into another container to warm the bottle. This is a good option if you are not in an area where you can find warm water to heat the formula through.

Winter with your baby can be a magical time as they are exposed to new sensations and experiences. If you are a parent who enjoys being outdoors, you can share that joy with your little one without worrying about feedings.

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