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What Infant Formula is Right for Baby?

Breast milk is best for baby, but it’s not always an option and in some cases, is not ideal for baby. Many different scenarios and situations can present a need for infant formula. When the need for formula arises, however, it’s not always easy to know what brand is best for your baby.

Why is organic formula better than non-organic baby formula? Is there a difference between organic formula brands? How do I know what brand is best for my child? At My Organic Company, we understand you may have a lot of questions about choosing the right formula and want to help you make an informed decision. Hopefully, the information provided below will make the process of selecting an infant formula easier.

Organic Versus Non-Organic Formula 

The team at My Organic Company strongly believes organic infant formulas are a much better choice for baby than non-organic formulas. Unlike traditional baby formulas, you won’t find any GMO’s, hormones, antibiotics, harmful pesticides, or artificial flavors, colors or preservatives lurking in organic formulas. Today more than ever, we know how harmful unnatural and synthetic ingredients can be to a child’s digestive and immune system.

Many of our organic formula brands also practice sustainable manufacturing processes and adhere to the guidelines of biodynamic farming, which is a holistic approach to farming. Biodynamic farmers allow livestock to graze freely on lush fields, and don’t use any toxic fertilizers or pesticides.

Cow’s Milk Based Baby Formula

Most of the infant formulas we carry are cow’s milk based. In addition to being an excellent source of protein, organic cow’s milk provides Omega3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (increases metabolic rate and ability to fight disease), and antioxidants.

According to a study conducted at the University of Aberdeen, organic cow’s milk contains more than 71 percent Omega3 fatty acids and has up to three times higher concentrations of antioxidants than conventional cow’s milk.

It’s important to note: due to it’s higher levels of alpha S1 casein and its larger fat molecule, formula containing cow’s milk may not be the best choice for babies with sensitive tummies or digestive issues.

Goat’s Milk Based Infant Formula

If your baby has a dairy allergy or has a sensitive stomach, it may be best to choose a goat’s milk based formula. Organic goat’s milk contains all of the essential nutrients found in cow’s milk, but is easier to digest. Goat’s milk contains smaller fat molecules, which are easier for a baby’s digestive system to break down. Goat’s milk also contains lower levels of alpha S1 casein, which can cause digestive problems when consumed in large quantities. Goat’s milk is also sweeter tasting; so picky babies may find this feature pleasing.

Hydrolyzed and Soy Formulas

Some companies tout the benefits of infant formulas that have been hydrolyzed, which is a process used to break down milk proteins (make the protein easier to digest). However, because the hydrolyzation process usually requires chemicals to be used, there are currently no organic hydrolyzed formulas on the market.

Parents with infants who have milk allergies may look to a soy based formula as a feeding option. Although most babies who consume a soy-based formula tolerate the bean well, soy has been known to cause stomach irritations. If feeding your little one a formula with soy, keep an eye out for signs of intestinal discomfort. Soy has also been known to cause hormonal changes, so when choosing a soy-based formula, it’s best to choose organic.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re still unsure what formula is best for your little guy or gal, don’t hesitate to contact My Organic Formula at [email protected]. We will gladly answer any of the questions you may have about infant formula and do our best to help you choose the right formula.

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