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What is the Best Organic Baby Formula for Newborns?



When your little one first comes into the world, you want all of the natural goodness to nourish them. There are organic baby formulas that meet that need.

A full-term baby may be ready to meet the world, but that doesn't mean that they can take in everything at once. This is true with some of the ingredients that are in baby formula. Babies don't start on whole cow's milk on the first day because it is not easy for their developing systems to digest and absorb. Another reason is that there are not enough vitamins and minerals like iron or vitamin C.

Breast milk is the #1 first food for babies. When nursing is not an option, you want a baby formula that meets your baby's needs without harsh ingredients or additives. Organic baby formula, like the brands from Europe, is a smart idea for your newborn.


Which Organic Baby Formula is Best for Newborns?



Lebenswert knows a lot about natural goodness because it has been make organic baby formula using the best milk possible. As part of the largest organic food association in Germany called Bioland, Lebenswert has to comply with strict standards in their biodynamic farming. This means that they need to treat every aspect of the growing process with respect. This includes the land that feeds the plants' roots, the animals that graze on the land, and the people who reap and sow everything that it produces.

Lebenswert exceeds European Union organic standards by creating produces that are pure, simple, and delicious. Your newborn would start with Stage 1, which contains lactose. This is the complex carbohydrate that is also in breast milk. While your little one continues to grow, Lebenswert can stay with your newborn all the way through the first year.



Holle is one of the leaders in organic baby food from Germany. It actually owns the Lebenswert company. So why would one baby formula company take on another one? Holle and Lebenswert are similar because they are both exceptional brands of organic baby formula, but Holle is a certified Demeter-farming company. These rules are the most strict in order to maintain a balance in the biodiversity of their farming.

Holle PRE is designed for babies from birth to six months. It also contains lactose for energy, which is different from Stage 1 which uses organic maltodextrin. And since babies need fat in their milk to help with development, Holle PRE uses more of the fat that comes from their biodynamic milk rather than from the vegetable oils they use. So much goodness from every drop.



Hipp baby formula is one of the oldest leaders in Germany, if not Europe. They strive to come as close to breast milk as possible while keeping all of the natural goodness that comes from biodynamic farming practices. This means high organic standards, all-natural goodness, and thoughtful use of ingredients.

Hipp is different from the other two organic baby formula brands because it has more of the things that can be found in breast milk. Hipp PRE, designed for babies from birth to six months of age, contains prebiotics and probiotics that help balance the digestive system. This means that there is less chance of gas, bloating, diarrhea, and other digestive issues. It also contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 to boost brain and immunity development. These are found naturally in breast milk.

Your baby is their most sensitive in the first few months of life. Their body is growing from the inside out, learning how to eat, digest, and develop at every milestone. Organic baby formulas like Lebenswert, Holle, and Hipp are made so that your baby has only the natural goodness they need to thrive and none of the additives and chemicals that can hinder their growth or become developmental problems in the near future. These three brands will give you the confidence in the nutrition that you give your baby.


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