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When Should You Increase Baby Formula?

When Should You Increase Baby Formula?

Do you worry that your baby is not eating enough? Your little one may be ready to take in more at each feeding.

Some parents are at odds with themselves when it comes to how much they feed their little one. Some worry that they are feeding too much while some feel like their baby is always hungry. Babies know when they are hungry and when they are full. If they push away the bottle, you don't need to offer any more in order to finish the bottle. What signs help you determine if you need to offer more?

Indicators that You Should Increase Baby Formula During Feedings

1. Your Baby is Growing

A growth spurt is the perfect time to offer more formula. If you go to the doctor and find out about a weight gain, you need to adjust the number of ounces you offer. The formula for this is your baby's weight multiplied by 2.5. A 10-pound baby needs 25 ounces a day while a 12-pound baby needs 30 ounces in a day. What a difference a few pounds make! Growth spurts can happen as early as 10 days old, but can also occur at three weeks, six weeks, three months, and six months.

2. Your Baby is Not Peeing Enough

A full diaper is a sign of how much the little body is consuming. The bottle is the source of nutrition as well as hydration. If your baby is not wetting five or six diapers a day, you can offer another ounce or two to get them where they need to be. 

3. Your Baby Wants More

Just as your baby can tell you when they are full, they can also tell you that they want more. A baby shows that they are still hungry by rooting around for the nipple. It's ok to prepare another two ounces. If this occurs for multiple feedings, it may be time to add on another ounce or two to the whole bottle for every feeding. Before your baby cries for the next bottle, look for other signs of hunger including:

  • Sucking
  • Lip smacking
  • Hands in the mouth

If your baby is satisfied at the end of each feeding, take comfort in knowing that they are full and had enough to eat. If they exhibit some of the signs mentioned above, consider it to be time to increase their baby formula. By the time your little one is between four and six months, you can also take on their hunger with cereal and organic purees. 


Tips for being ready for increased appetite

  • Prepare enough formula for a 24-hour cycle. Not only does it stay fresh and cold in the refrigerator, but it is ready to heat up and go if your little one is still hungry.
  • Consider starting solids. If your baby seems insatiable, they may be ready for infant cereals. The ability to sit up unsupported and the loss of the tongue-thrust reflex are just two indicators of a baby's readiness for solids.
  • Order in bulk. Not only do we have the best organic baby formula you want, we also offer discounts when you buy in bulk. The shelf life is not a problem when you have a growing, hungry baby in your life.


Edited and reposted from April 2018

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