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Which Formula on is Best for a Sensitive Baby

If your baby is often fussy; and has frequent upset stomachs, he may be sensitive to his formula. Though there are many options out there, we at My Organic Formula carry two formulas which are particularly helpful for helping to correct stomach complaints.

General Causes of Sensitivity in Babies

As we often mention, a lot of sensitivities or upset stomachs are caused by gut imbalance. Gut imbalance can have several different causes.

Bacterial Imbalance

The most common cause of gut imbalance is lack of good bacteria in the gut. Good bacteria are essential to the digestive process, as well as fighting off bad bacteria and yeast; and maintaining a healthy immune system. If your baby has ever been on antibiotics (or mama was on antibiotics); he was born prematurely or via c-section; or was ever on a formula with high sugar levels, there is a good chance that the gut bacteria are out of balance.


Often a source of stomach sensitivity and irritation in babies, is an allergy to one of the ingredients in the formula. The most common allergens are milk and soy.


Many formulas have synthetic additives and preservatives that can cause stomach upset and sensitivity, as well.

Hipp’s Solution to Sensitive Stomachs

Though any of our really pure formulas may be all your baby needs to resolve his sensitive stomach, Hipp has developed two formulas that are specifically for babies who need extra help with digestion.

Hipp Bio Combiotik

Like all of Hipp’s formulas, Hipp Bio Combiotik doesn’t contain the unnecessary additives, preservatives or sugars that are found in most formulas. It is gentle and easy to digest. Hipp Bio Combiotik has probiotic cultures to support good bacteria and gut health. It also has galacto-oligosaccharides, a prebiotic fiber found in breastmilk, which supports the gut colonies and healthy bowel movements. All of these ingredients combined lead to less irritation and can help heal the gut to avoid future sensitivities.

Hipp HA Combiotik

Hipp HA Combiotic contains all the great ingredients of Hipp Bio Combiotic, but is hypoallergenic. Though Hipp HA contains cow milk, it is broken down into tiny pieces designed not to irritate your baby’s stomach. These tiny protein pieces are less likely to be labeled as foreign by your baby’s body, and therefore less likely to cause an allergic reaction. Most babies who are sensitive to cow milk, tolerate Hipp HA well. Hip HA is also free of palm oil. Palm oil can sometimes be irritating to a sensitive baby’s stomach. Choosing a formula that uses oils other than Palm oil may promote a healthier digestive system.

Many parents are tempted to reach for soy or highly processed formulas which are mostly made of corn syrup and oils, when their baby has a stomach issue. If you find yourself in this boat, choose one of Hipp’s special Combiotik formulas. Not only are they pure and healthy, with no added sugars, but they can greatly reduce and even heal stomach upset issues.     

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