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Which Formula on is the Best?


We here at often get asked which formulas are the very best. There are four formulas that we feel really stand out. These are the most natural; have the least amount of sugar; are organic, chemical and additive free; and the companies that produce them have the best environmental practices in mind. If you want the very best for your baby, try one of these four brands.



Hipp is a German made formula with something for ever situation. Their products are manufactured according to the highest European Union Organics standards. They use Biodynamic farming practices which care for the environment and livestock in a holistic way. All of their ingredients are fresh and natural. Hipp formulas do not contain added sugars like corn syrup, glucose syrup or brown rice syrup. In an effort to mimic breastmilk, the only added sugar you will find is lactose. Also in an effort to mimic breastmilk, many of Hipp’s products contain probiotic cultures and prebiotic fibers, to help your baby’s gut be as healthy as possible.


Hipp Produces:

Hip Bio: With stages Pre, 1,2,3 and Kindermilch, Hipp Bio has you covered from birth to 3 years old. Hipp Bio contains essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids instead of toxic hexane stripped DHA and ARA, for good brain and nervous system development. It is gluten free, egg free; and contains no soy or peanut products.

Hipp Bio Combiotik: Also in stages from pre to Kindermilch, Hipp Bio Combiotic was designed for the baby who’s stomach is often upset; was born prematurely or via C-section; or has been on antibiotics. It contains the prebiotic galacto oligosaccharides (GOS) that nourish good bacteria in the gut, as well as probiotics for good digestion and immunity. Hipp Bio Combiotik contains no starch in the early stages; is gluten free, egg free, and has no peanut products. It also contains brain building omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Hipp HA Combiotik: This product is very similar to Hipp Bio Combiotic, however proteins have been broken down and all allergens have been avoided, to make a formula especially for allergic or sensitive babies. 

Hipp Comfort: This formula has been specially formulated for babies who are suffering from gas and upset stomach. It has a finer, smoother texture and smaller proteins, as well GOS, probiotics and a lower lactose content. This formula is just the thing for a colicky baby.

Hipp Anti-Reflux: This anti-reflux formula has all the great ingredients of the combiotik formulas (except for the GOS) with the added benefit of locust bean gum and calcium carbonate. If your baby has acid reflux or spits up excessively, the thick, smooth texture of this formula will sooth his stomach and help keep the formula down.

Hipp Good Night Formula: If your baby is over the age of 6 months, has been introduced to solids, but wakes up hungry at night, this formula is for you. Hipp Good Night formula is a unique formula that combines the goodness of Hipp milk and the lasting power of rice and buckwheat cereals in a convenient, smooth and creamy drink. Feed your baby Hipp Good Night Formula right before bed, and he will be less likely to wake in the night from hunger.



Holle is one of the oldest formula companies in Germany. They are committed to farming according to the Demeter farming standards, which means that they are very environmentally conscious and natural. Their animals are treated with the utmost respect. As with all of our European formulas, Holle is certified organic by the high standards of the European Union. They are committed to bring you the most nutritious and pure product possible. 

Holle carries two different lines of formula, each in stages from 1-4, for Newborn through toddler. The two lines are a grass fed cow milk based formula and a grass fed goat milk based formula. Holle formulas are free of added sugars, soy free, gluten free, wheat free, and peanut free.   



Lebenswert is also a formula owned by the Holle company. Much like Holle, Lebenswert is committed to good organic, ecological farming that meets the Bioland standards. Their practices protect the environment, insure good soil fertility and proper care for animals. Their animals are treated with the utmost respect.

Lebenswert formula is made for stages from newborn to toddler. Much like Holle formula, Lebenswert is very pure, and has no added sugars, soy, wheat or peanuts. Lebenswert is very committed to bringing you the highest quality infant formula.




Babylove is also a German made formula. It is held to the high organic standards of the European Union. There are 4 stages to the product line which include Stage Pre for newborns as supplement to breastfeeding up to 6 months; stage 1 for newborn to 6 months; stage 2 for 6 months and up; and stage 3 for 10 months and up. Babylove is very natural and uses only lactose as its main source of carbohydrate. There is no maltodextrine, gluten, or soy in Babylove formulas. Babylove also has probiotics which can be an essential part of gut and immune health for your baby.

These four German formula companies offer the very best, most natural and organic formulas on the market today. They measure up in all the categories of being totally natural, added sugar free, organic and environmentally conscious. We at are very happy to be able to offer them to the United States market.         



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