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Why do Holle Organic Cow Milk Formulas have a Demeter Certification?

Take a close look at the box of any Holle cow milk based formula and you’ll notice a little orange banner with the words “Demeter” across it. What does a Demeter certification represent?

Demeter is the world’s largest certification organization for ingredients biodynamically farmed, which is one of the oldest forms of organic farming. More than 50 countries use the organization’s certification process to ensure ingredients are grown and manufactured according to biodynamic standards.

Humane Treatment of Cows

Cows bred on Demeter certified farms are allowed to graze freely on carefully managed pastures and are not de-horned. Not only is de-horning inhumane, it is unhealthy for the cow. (A cow’s horn plays an important role in metabolism and digestion.) Cows raised on Demeter certified farms are never treated with antibiotics and are not given hormones.

Demeter certified dairies must also follow a strict manufacturing process to ensure ingredients are kept as pure as possible. Due to the high standards of the Demeter organization, milk from Demeter a raised cow has a high amount of vitamin E and beta-carotene, and tastes delicious!

Are Holle Goat Milk Formulas Demeter Certified?

Holle Organic Goat Milk formulas aren’t Demeter certified, but that doesn’t mean their goat milk based formulas aren’t of the highest quality. Although they don’t carry a Demeter certification, they are made using ingredients sourced from biodynamic farms. Goats raised on biodynamic farms are left to graze freely or are fed feed grown on biodynamic farms. And, just like cows raised on Demeter certified farms, goats raised on biodynamic farms are not de-horned.

You can rest assured the goat milk used to make Holle’s goat milk formula contains no antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or herbicides.

Holle – Gold Standard of Organic Infant Formulas

When it comes to selecting a formula for your baby, you really can’t get any better than a Holle Demeter certified cow milk formula or a Holle biodynamic goat milk formula. What formula you choose may depend on what’s best for your baby. If your baby has a sensitive tummy or doesn’t seem to like the taste of cow’s milk, you may want to switch to Holle’s goat milk formula. Goat milk is easier to digest than cow’s milk and tastes much sweeter.

Holle Cow Milk formula is available in four different stages: Stage PRE, 1, 2, and 3. Holle Goat Milk formula is available in three different stages: Stage 1, 2, and 3. For detailed product information and a complete list of formula ingredients, please visit our Holle formula shop.

For more information about Demeter International and the certification process, please visit the Demeter website.

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