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There is no doubt that breast milk is the ideal source of nutrition for a baby. Nevertheless, for many women breastfeeding is not possible for various reasons. The difficulties parents have to face when trying to find healthy nutrition for their babies can’t be overestimated.

Feeding your baby can be challenging, parents must know a great deal about childhood development and the ideal nutrition for their babies in order to provide the best possible food for their children. Determining which formula you use for feeding your child can be intimidating, just rest assured that each of our provided formulas is made out of purely organic ingredients and is therefore the best way to replace breast milk and ensure the health for your child.


Organic infant formulas are a great alternative to breastfeeding. Nevertheless, not each organic formula on the market really provides the best possible ingredients. We from Myorganicformula know which products are the best ones for feeding your child. That’s why we carefully selected the products we offer to help you make the right choice. Only safe and high quality organic baby formulas that are compatible with organic principles are in our store!


Conventional versus Organic Formulas

Conventional infant formulas mostly contain a lot of synthetic and genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs). They use crops that were sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers made with bioengineering or ionizing radiation. Conventional formulas usually contain oils that are extracted with hexane, the milk used mostly comes from cows that have been treated with antibiotics and growth hormones.

Old standards of nutritional research are based on the usage of these conventional ingredients. Feeding babies with such a product does negatively affect the children’s health and is not a good option!


Organic baby formulas indeed have a minimum of 95% ingredients that are the product of sustainable agriculture practices. They also contain the necessary fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is naturally found in breastmilk. Also, quality European formulas like those of HiPP, Holle, and Lebenswert don’t contain any sweeteners like carrageenan or corn syrup solids. The brand Lebenswert for instance, contains lactose rather than maltodextrin. Many of these new quality dairy products contain whey protein. In general, the protein count is higher than in conventional formulas. There are different formulas available for different stages of development: to provide food for the newborn, the toddler and those older than 12 months.


Ingredients that should be avoided


Hexane-Extracted DHA and ARA

Research has shown that the baby’s brain growth is related to the amount of received DHA. It is fundamental that infant formula contains these fatty acids, as the infant’s brain grows up to 260% in the last trimester of the first year. Hence, the first year is a very important time in the baby’s development. Most organic infant formulas use a non-hexane method of extracting their DHA and ARA. DHA and ARA are also found in other foods and are used in organic formula.


Processed refined sugars

Many conventional formulas use refined sugars or add syrup to reach the level of carbohydrates found in human milk. These formulas make your child’s teeth weak.


Palm oil

Palm oil is added to mostly all conventional baby formulas. Palmitic acid is found in human milk. According to the latest research, infants that consume a high amount of palm oil can have a decreased bone density.


Synthetic Preservatives

Baby formula should be free from any synthetic preservatives. Usually, synthetic preservatives are added to prevent the oxidation and rancidity of ingredients such as palm oil.


Synthetic nutrients

Many organic formulas from the U.S. are using synthetic nutrients such as lutein, lycopene, l-caritine and others. As synthetic nutrients are illegal in organic foods, in Europe, European organic formulas like HiPP or HOLLE are free from these ingredients. Infants fed with formula that contains synthetic nutrients are more likely to get sick, to have allergic reactions and to suffer from chronic diseases


No formula can be better than breast milk, that’s for sure. Nevertheless, the best advice when using alternative food for your baby is to get organic baby formula, as it is the healthiest option and provides everything your child needs for a good start in life! Organic infant formula food will make your baby become strong and healthy. Pure, good organic infant formula and other pureed foods ensure the baby’s proper development. Choose the best dairy that does the best for your child! Choose to have happy and healthy children!

Our company provides free shipment of all our products throughout the U.S. If you need any help or information about our products or our company or if there is anything else you want to know, please contact us. Our company is more than happy to assist you, your family and your little ones in finding the right product for you. We want to contribute to the health of your family.

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