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Vermont Organics

Vermont Organics Formula

Is a business that focused on sustaining the environment while providing consumers with high-quality baby formula. Their company meets the National Organic Standard Board’s designation for organic farmers.

This means that their customers have the peace of mind knowing that their decision to buy from them helps to support biodiversity, minimizes pollution, and protects the environment. 

Their formula is made from dairy cows that roam the outdoors and  are only fed high-quality organic feed. Further, these dairy cows are antibiotic or growth hormones free.

Healthy, wholesome and complete nutrition helps babies in all stages of their development.

Vermont Organics provides all the nutrients that your baby needs for the entire first year of his or her life.

Our formulas contain choline, DHA, and ARA. These nutrients are common in breast milk and help support brain and eye development.

All products produced by Vermont Organics meet U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s strict nutritional guidelines.

No Genetically Engineered Ingredients - For healthy, high-quality formula.

Organic Milk - We use milk from cows that are fed certified Organic Hay that is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Additionally, our dairy cows are never given growth hormones.