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Formula for Acid Reflux - Dealing with Severe Acid Reflux Issues

There is nothing scarier than a baby turning blue because they are choking on formula that just won’t stay down. Watching your baby loose, instead of gaining weight, because of an eating issue is heart wrenching.  Severe Acid Reflux and other swallowing and GI issues can be a real challenge to everyday life. Unfortunately, all too often the formulas that are available to infants suffering these problems are full of artificial ingredients, chemicals and sugar. These things promote unbalance in your baby’s gut and can make GI issues worse in the long run. You don’t have to settle for formulas that are full of terrible ingredients. These are some of the products we carry on which will help to restore and maintain balance in your baby’s gut, while helping to address concerns like reflux and swallowing difficulties. 


HiPP AR- Formula for Acid Reflux

HiPP AR is a natural, organic formula without all the added sugar and chemical ingredients which often cause infants to have gastrointestinal upset; and has several ingredients which help to correct the problem of reflux. The most notable ingredient in formula for acid reflux is locust bean gum. Locust bean gum, also known as carob bean gum, is a powder made from the endosperm of the carob bean. This fibrous powder has a thick, smooth texture which allows the formula to more easily remain in the stomach of an infant with reflux. Thicker liquids are harder to push back up through the esophagus, and tend to stay put better than regular formula. A 2004 study (published on Pubmed) regarding the effectiveness of locust bean gum on reflux in babies indicated a reduction by 50% in those that consumed formula with locust bean gum, as compared to those who took regular formula. Locust bean gum’s thick and smooth texture can also be helpful for those who are dealing with a swallowing issue.  

Unlike rice cereal and corn starch, locust bean gum passes through the digestive system nearly un-altered. It is seen as an insoluble fiber, and not a food to be digested. So, it has little to no effect on immune response in the body. Rice cereal and corn starch, on the other hand, can provoke the immune system of infants smaller than 6 months of age, and cause irritation and inflammation. 

HiPP AR also has several types of calcium which help to balance out and neutralize acid in your baby’s stomach. This can be very helpful in minimizing the uncomfortable effects of acid reflux.

As part of HiPP AR’s attempt to balance out stomach issues, it also contains probiotic cultures found in breastmilk, to support healthy gut flora and immune system function. Probiotics are an essential part of healing the stomach.


HiPP HA- Hypoallergenic Formula

Allergies and sensitivities to formula ingredients only add to the problem of acid reflux. Sometimes addressing a sensitivity will greatly reduce acid reflux and other GI symptoms. HiPP’s HA Combiotik line is designed specifically for infants that have an allergy to cow milk. This hypoallergenic formula has highly broken down proteins. It also contains prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharide (GOS) fibers like those found in breastmilk; as well as probiotic cultures which nourish and strengthen the gut and immune system.

GOS not only support probiotic colonies in your baby’s belly, helping them to thrive; but also help to keep stools soft and comfortable. Having these two things in your baby’s formula will help to balance out and regulate proper digestive function, which will also have a positive effect on acid reflux. 


 HiPP Special Comfort

Hipp Special Comfort is designed to help infants who have a particularly sensitive stomach. Much like HiPP HA it features smaller milk proteins. Its unique formulation also lessens gas and bloating, while helping to soften stools. Hipp Special Comfort contains the same prebiotic galacto-oligosaccharide fibers and probiotics that HiPP HA has, which nourish and strengthen the gut and immune system. In addition, it also contains Beta-Palmitate, another substance found in breastmilk, which aids in the metabolism of fats, and calcium absorption. It is also important to the proper formation of stools and gut health, including preventing acid reflux, which can be caused by trouble digesting fats.


Holle Goat Milk

Holle Goat milk is a very pure and simple organic formula. Goat milk has been found to be helpful in infants with sensitive stomachs and acid reflux. The proteins and fats in goat milk are particularly easy to digest. Often those who switch from cow milk to goat milk find that their GI symptoms, especially those caused by cow milk, subside.


Organic Cereals and Goodnight Milk

Though we do not recommend giving your baby cereals before they are 6 months of age, as they can provoke the immune system and unbalance an already sensitive gut, also offers a large variety of cereals and HiPP’s Goodnight formulas. Cereals can be used to thicken formula, which sometimes helps with acid reflux, and swallowing problems.

HiPP’s Goodnight formulas are follow on formulas that are meant for children 6 months and older, with the addition of cereals like rice, buckwheat and oat. Many of our regular cereals also contain formula for a quick and easy complete meal. If your doctor is recommending that your baby have cereal as part of their anti-reflux diet, or as a swallowing aid, the cereals we carry are all-natural, organic and free of added sugars. Unlike many of the cereals processed in the United States, the grains used in these cereals are not harvested with dangerous chemicals like round-up, or treated with preservatives and other processing chemicals.

We at know the difficulties parents face when their baby has a GI issue. We sincerely hope that bringing you these pure, organic products will ease your journey through this time.

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