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Is Hipp Bio Combiotik Better than HiPP Bio?

Is Hipp Bio Combiotik Better than HiPP Bio?

HiPP Bio and Bio Combiotik formulas are very similar. 

Both are made in Germany using 100% organic milk from pasture-raised cows, and both are produced in accordance with strict European organic regulations. All HiPP formulas include essential nutrients, such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids  to support brain development (just like breastmilk), and vital vitamins to help your little one grow strong and healthy. 

But there are some important differences that it’s worth knowing about if you’re thinking of buying HiPP for your baby. 

Prebiotics and probiotics

HiPP Bio Combiotik includes prebiotics and probiotics cultured from real breastmilk, but HiPP Bio does not.

They use the natural probiotic L. ferentum hereditum, originally isolated from breastmilk, and prebiotics in the form of galacto-oligosaccharides from natural lactose (just like breastmilk). 

Pre and probiotics are important to developing your baby’s digestive system and building immunity. They’re particularly important for babies born by c-section, as this can sometimes interfere with the development of natural probiotics in the gut. Babies born vaginally get a natural dose of probiotics as they pass through the birth canal, which those born by c-section do not. 

They’re also beneficial for babies with sensitive tummies, and those who’ve been on antibiotics, to rebalance the gut bacteria and reduce upset stomachs.


HiPP Bio formulas contain starch (which some babies find hard to digest), but HiPP Bio Combiotik contains either no starch, or only mild, organic starch that most babies find easy to digest. 

If you’re looking for no starch Hipp, choose any HiPP Dutch formula, or HiPP German Stage Pre or Stage 2 (no starch).

Price and availability

HiPP Bio is generally a little cheaper than Bio Combiotik. It’s also rarely available, as most stores (including My Organic Formula) only stock Bio Combiotik. 

We’ve made this choice because we believe that the gut-healthy probiotics and prebiotics in HiPP  Bio Combiotik make it worth the small extra cost. 

Which HiPP formula should you choose?

We stock all HiPP German, Dutch and UK formulas – plus their range of speciality formulas for allergies, colic and reflux, and ready-to-feed bottles.

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