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Hipp Dutch Formula


Hipp organic baby formula is made in Germany but sold around the world. However, you will find that there are some variations, especially the product made for the Netherlands.

Hipp Bio Combiotic means that the baby formula you buy for your little one is organic and contains a combination of prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health. At the same time, you will find that there are different variations of formulas based on the country where it is labeled for sale.

In order to be labeled organic, Hipp products must meet the guidelines established by the European Union’s Organic Board. This means that these expectations must be met regardless of its market destination. If the product is the same for organic guidelines, why is there a different formula with a different package for the Dutch?


The first difference that any consumer will notice with Hipp Dutch is the package. It is the only Hipp baby formula sold in a 900g can compared to 600g and 800g boxes with sachets inside. This means that the market price for Hipp Dutch formula will appear higher than other Hipp formulas, but it only reflects the larger quantity.  Some parents prefer the container over the box, but it is the contents that get most parents excited.


One ingredient that Hipp Dutch formula does not have compared to the other versions is starch. Starch is a natural ingredient found in some baby formulas so that babies can feel more satisfied. It is found in formula for older babies and especially in formulas like Hungry Infant. It takes longer to digest without adding more fat or sugar to the formula.  However, there is a debate whether this additive is necessary because it has no nutritional value. Hipp organic formula does not contain starch in its PRE or Stage 1 packages. The Dutch product does not have starch as an ingredient in any of its stages.

Soy Lecithin

The inclusion of this organic emulsifier in baby formula is a concern for some parents. Soy products can be an allergen for some babies. There are also studies of the phytoestrogens that occur naturally in soy. Over time and in high quantities, it can lead to developmental delays or affect reproductive health around the time of puberty. Other studies look at the trypsin inhibitors and phytic acid in soy products that block the absorption of key nutrients. Even though these studies are based on long-term exposure to soy and soy-based products, many parents opt to avoid soy lecithin during the early months. Hipp Dutch only has soy lecithin in Stage 3 which is designed for babies ages 10 months and on after much of the brain development has occurred.

While Hipp Dutch has its slight variation compared to the German product, it still has everything that makes Hipp organic baby formula a leader in the market. It still has the high quality products that come from biodynamic agriculture. It still has galacto-oligosaccharides fibers from lactose that feeds the probiotics that occur naturally in your baby’s gut. It also contains lactose as the only sugar, just like in breast milk. Hipp Dutch is fortified with all of the nutrients your baby needs to grow and develop. Hipp also cares for the environment in a way that focuses on leaving a small carbon footprint regardless of the size of its production facilities. So you can choose Hipp Dutch for its packaging or for the ingredients that are not found within the can, but you can be sure that it is good enough for your little one.

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