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Is It Ok to Do Half Scoops of Formula?

Is It Ok to Do Half Scoops of Formula?

Your baby is ready to move from two ounces of formula to three. Your formula scoop measures two ounces. Do half scoops works?

Each ounce of baby formula is a precise measurement of vitamins and minerals along with enough water to keep your baby hydrated. There will be transitional times in your baby's feedings in which they want an odd number of ounces instead of even. Some parents will try to make a “perfect” half scoop. In some cases, the baby will be fine, but other babies may have constipation or other digestive issues.


The Importance of the Perfect Measure

The scoop that comes in your baby's formula gives you the confidence in knowing that your baby is getting the correct amount of nutrition for every two ounces. Balance is important so that you do not give them too much water or too much formula. Too much water dilutes the nutrition and can lead to water intoxication. The excess water offsets the balance of sodium and potassium levels which can cause seizures and even brain damage. Too much formula powder can do damage to the kidneys.


How to Use Baby Formula Scoops for Odd-Numbered Ounces

Just because your baby needs 3-, 5-, or 7-ounces of formula does not mean that you have to get frustrated with a two-ounce scoop. Rather than “eyeball” a half scoop measurement, try this tricks:

  • Instead of making one serving of formula, make two. For example, if your baby needs five ounces of formula per feeding, make ten ounces and refrigerate the other serving for up to 24 hours.
  • Why not make a day's worth of formula? Dedicate a pitcher to your baby's formula. If your baby is twelve pounds, they need 2.5 ounces per pound, or 30 ounces of formula per day. When the pitcher is empty after 24 hours, clean it and make a fresh batch for the next 24 hours.
  • Follow the directions on the baby formula packaging. It will make sure that you have the right measurements every time.