Is It Good to Give Cow's Milk for Babies?

December 08, 2017

Many brands of baby formula are made from cow's milk.  However, it does not mean that your infant is ready to start on milk before the age of 1.

Why Do Babies Start with Breast Milk or Baby Formula?

Breast milk and baby formula are made for baby's developing digestive system.  They are both easier to digest and have the right balance of protein, vitamins, and minerals.  It is all the nutrition your baby needs before starting solid foods.  In fact, the protein content in cow's milk can actually do damage to your little one's kidneys at this stage.

Breast milk and baby formula are also high in iron.  Your baby won't get enough iron and other nutrients if their main source is replaced with cow's milk.


When Can My Baby Start Drinking Cow's Milk? 

After the age of 1, your baby's digestive system is ready for whole milk.  The fat content helps with their energy while providing important vitamins such as A and D.  Also, your child is eating more solid foods which will provide more iron.

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