January 15, 2018

Is It Ok to Change Baby Formula?

Is It Ok to Change Baby Formula?

If you are questioning whether you have picked the right baby formula for your little one, don't think that you are committed if you are not satisfied.


There are so many choices of baby formula that it is no wonder some people feel uncertain that they made the right choice.  In most cases, there is no harm in switching your formula.  If you started with the brand you got from the hospital but found that it is too expensive, go ahead and change to another brand if it is the same type.  That means if your baby is on a cow's-milk-based formula and you like the ingredients of another cow's-milk-based formula, then it is ok to change.  If your baby has certain food sensitivity, then stay within that category when you make the switch.


If you want to switch from milk-based to soy-based formula, talk to your pediatrician before you make the change.  There could be some change in your baby's bowel movements or digestion, but you can determine with your doctor what is normal. 


For the most part, your baby may show few, if any, differences if you change baby formula brands of the same type. 


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