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Is it Ok to Give A Newborn Powder Formula?

Newborns and Powder Formula

Powder baby formula can be a great, economical way to feed your baby every day.  You get more for your money compared to ready-to-feed or concentrated liquid form.  However, powder formula is not for every baby.

If you have a healthy, full term baby, then you can start your baby on powder formula right away.  It is produced with your infant's delicate digestive system in mind.  Be sure that you follow the directions and guidelines on the package in terms of food safety and storage.

If you have a high risk infant, that is, a baby who was born preterm (before 37 weeks), a low birth weight (less than 2500 grams at birth), or has a weak immune system, then they should not be fed powder formula for the first two months.  Ready-to-feed or concentrated liquid formula is best for these infants because it is sterile until open.  Powder formula has a higher risk of bacteria as the container can last a month of opening and closing.  The bacteria in that non-sterile environment can do more damage to a high risk infant.  However, once the infant is more than two months old, you can speak with your pediatrician about switching to powder formula.


Most infants can handle powder formula.  However, if your newborn is considered high risk, then you need to start them

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