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What is an Organic Baby Formula?

What is Organic Baby Formula?

You have seen organic products taking more shelf space in your grocery stores.  The same is true in the baby food aisle.  Today's baby can enjoy the benefits of organic baby formula.  There are many benefits for starting your child on an organic baby formula diet.

Organic Guidelines 

Organic baby formula can only be called such if it has met the guidelines that allow it to be labeled organic.  The Department of Agriculture in the United States (USDA) and the Agriculture and Rural Development division of the European Commission for the European Union regulate what is considered organic.  Both will only put their organic labels on a product when it has met or surpassed their expectations.  

Organic Start from the Source

Sustainable agriculture is just one part of the equation.  In the United States, 95% of the ingredients used in organic baby formula must come from farms that practice sustainable agriculture.  Bio-dynamic Demeter farms are the source of the milk used in organic baby formula in Germany and other European countries.  Both of these sources cannot use pesticides or chemical fertilizers that could transfer into your child's formula.  Exposure to these can lead to endocrine and immune dysfunctions or even problems in the nervous system during these developing times in their life.

Organic in Everything That Goes Into It

Some formula has added ingredients whether it is to thicken it, sweeten it, or break down milk proteins to make it easier to digest.  Organic formula only uses quality ingredients that are important to your baby's growth and development.  There are no GMOs, added sweeteners that your baby does not need, or chemicals that are required to break down milk proteins.  For example, Holle and Hipp are two organic baby formula companies from Germany that has been organic since the 1930s.  Both have a Stage Pre formula that uses lactose as its sweetener instead of corn syrup.  The fewer foreign ingredients that goes into your baby's food means a stronger immune system and more resistance to allergies.

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