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4 Signs You’re Overfeeding Your Baby

One of the biggest concerns for many new parents is food and more specifically, how much of it their little one’s are getting. But, if concerns over your baby’s eating habits have you monitoring every ounce of formula he’s eating, you’ll want to be careful to not overfeed him.

Overfeeding a baby can cause a number of stomach problems and lead to health problems later in life like obesity and diabetes. Although it’s possible to overfeed a breastfed baby, it’s easier to overfeed a bottle-fed baby because you know exactly how much food their eating at every feeding.


Here are four signs you’re overfeeding your baby: 

#1. His food comes right back up. It’s normal for a baby to burp up some formula during and after a feeding, but if he’s burping up a lot of food every time he eats, it may be a sign his tummy is too full.


#2. His stomach is upset. Overeating can give baby an upset tummy just like it does for adults who eat too much. It’s not always easy to tell if your baby is suffering from a tummy ache, but some of the more common signs of an upset stomach, include uncharacteristic fussiness, stomach bloating, excessive gas, and “grumbling” sounds coming from his tummy.


#3. He’s overweight. It’s hard to tell on a day to day basis if your baby is gaining too much weight, which is why it’s important you take him regularly for his well-baby checkups. Your child’s doctor will evaluate his weight using height, age, and weight percentiles.


#4. He’s turning food away regularly. Your baby loves food, which is why you’re surprised he’s turning away his food consistently. Although it can be hard to know why your little one is turning away food, if he isn’t suffering from any stomach issues and doesn’t need to gain weight, he’s probably turning food away because he’s full.


Babies are Good at Self Regulating

It’s important to remember, babies’ systems self-regulate when it comes to food. When they’ve had enough food, they stop eating. If they’re hungry, they will continue to eat. Also, overfeeding can cause multiple symptoms. For example: excessive burp up may also coincide with an upset tummy. Whenever in doubt about what’s causing excessive burp up or tummy aches, speak to your child’s doctor.


Although it can be hard to not stress about your little one’s food intake, try not to. Stress can distract you from recognizing signs you may be overfeeding him.


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