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4 Tips to Soothe a Fussy baby


All babies cry, but excessive fussiness or crying can be caused by a number of controllable factors, such as stomach issues or sleep problems. Oftentimes, simply adjusting to life outside the womb can be the source of fussiness for babies. And, in some cases, colic or reflux can result in an unhappy baby.

Although most cases of excessive fussiness go away with time, in the moment, it sometimes seems like it won’t. But, don’t despair! You are not alone and thankfully, there are a few tried and true tips to soothe a fussy baby. Here at My Organic Formula, we’ve compiled 4 tips to soothe a fussy baby:


 1. S’s of Soothing

Swaddling – your baby was snug in the womb and may welcome a blanket a snug fitting blanket

Shushing – mimic the whooshing sounds of the womb by either making the sound with your mouth or by playing white noise

Swinging – your baby was used to being bounced around in the womb and may welcome a gentle swinging or rocking

Sucking – sucking on a pacifier or finger helps relax your baby


2. Create a bedtime routine

The more tired your baby gets, the harder it can be to soothe your baby. Create a bedtime routine to ensure your little one knows the difference between day and night. Start with a bath, play music or white noise, cradle or rock him, and refrain from playing with him.


3. Utilize help

Call a family member of friend to come and help with your little one. You’re more likely to have a fussy or colicky baby if you’re on edge, so why not recruit some help? Remember: if you’re unsettled, it’s more likely your baby will be too.


4. Become one with nature

Take your baby outside for a walk. The sound of rustling leaves or wind may remind him of the sounds he heard when in the womb and unfamiliar sights may distract him. A nice walk and fresh air may do you some good too!


When to Call the Doctor

Calming a fussy baby can be hard, but just remember: the calmer you are the better. If your baby cries for prolonged periods of time, is inconsolable, and is refusing to eat, it may be time to call your child’s pediatrician. Although the causes of colic aren’t known, your child may be suffering from this baffling condition. Your doctor and you can work together to help your baby through this difficult phase.


If your child is suffering from colic or reflux, it may be beneficial to switch to an organic formula designed to help ease the symptoms associated with these conditions. HIPP Special Comfort and HIPP Anti-Reflux are two excellent choices for babies suffering from colic or reflux.


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