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5 Reasons Why Your Baby May be Fussy

It’s no surprise baby’s fuss and cry, hence the term “cry baby.” However, it’s not always easy to know why your baby is fussing, especially if you’re new at the whole parenting thing.


Although it may seem like your little one will never be able to communicate verbally with you, until he can, he’ll do a pretty good job of letting you know how he feels by fussing or crying.


Here are 5 reasons why your baby may be fussy:


  1. Diaper change

Dirty diapers are one of the most common reasons babies fuss. You’d be uncomfortable too if your undies felt wet or worse, filled with mushy poop. Some babies don’t fuss as much as others when it’s time for a diaper change, but if you notice a quick change in baby’s temperament, it’s worth a diaper check.


  1. Hunger

Babies get hangry too and won’t be shy about letting you know it’s time for a feeding. If it’s been three or more hours since your baby’s last feeding and he begins to wail, especially after just waking from a nap, it’s probably because his tummy is rumbling.


  1. Tired

Some babies give you obvious signs their tired – eye rubs, yawns, and droopy head. But some babies aren’t as obvious as to when they’re getting tired. In addition to being fussy, look for a glazed over look, slower pace, and a loss of interest in people or toys.    


  1. Stomach issues

If your baby is experiencing uncomfortable or painful stomach issues, you may notice he’s more upset than fussy. Painful cries can either be short and shrill or long and breathy (like your baby is catching his breath in between cries).


In both instances, it’s best to check your baby’s temperature and give his pediatrician a call. Most stomach issues can be resolved, however, it’s always best to rule out something more serious.


  1. Anxious/overstimulated

Your little one is discovering the world around him and sometimes, it can be overwhelming for him. If you find yourself in a situation where it’s loud and your baby closes his eyes and cries, it’s likely he’s overstimulated by his surroundings. The easiest way to calm a fussy, overstimulated baby is to remove him from the noise.



Resolving Stomach Related Fussiness  

Thankfully, most cases of fussiness or crying can be resolved easily. However, if your child’s fussiness is related to stomach issues, it may be harder to resolve the problem. If your baby is formula fed, his doctor may recommend trying a different formula.


As parents ourselves, we know firsthand how switching to an organic, European baby formula can help resolve or reduce stomach problems. Biodynamic formulas like Holle don’t have any added sugars, artificial preservatives, highly processed oils or GMOs. European formulas like Holle are made with ingredients grown on farms where generations of farmers have been practicing organic farming techniques and treat the land, livestock, and vegetation with respect.


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