September 04, 2019

Baby Formula and Iron Content

What is the big deal about iron in your baby's formula? Is there such a thing as too much iron?

Your baby's formula is fortified to ensure that there are enough nutrients that will aid your little one's growth and development. The excess fetal red blood cells that stay in the baby's system for the first four months work together with the dietary iron that comes in their nutrition aids in the expansion of red blood cell mass.

Why is Baby Formula Fortified with Iron?

When your baby is born, they typically have enough iron in their system to last about the first four to six months of life. It is found as hemoglobin and tissue protein. In order to reduce the risk of iron-deficiency anemia during the first year, babies should have iron included in their infant formula. This has been the position of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) since 1969.

How Much Iron Does my Baby Need?

According to the AAP, a term infant needs about 1 mg/kg per day to meet the estimated iron requirement. Iron absorption seems greater in cow's milk compared to soy formula. The actual amount per serving may vary from brand to brand. Hipp formula from Europe maintains a level of about one-half mg of iron as it is the minimal recommendation of the World Health Organization.

Why Are Some Baby Formula Brands Iron-Free?

There is a concern that excessive iron content can lead to a fussy baby with symptoms like colic and constipation. However, there is little medical evidence that iron is the cause of these discomforts. Low-iron formula is not recommended by AAP because it increases the risk of iron-deficiency anemia. According to a 1999 article in the AAP's journal Pediatrics, a low-iron formula contains less than 6.7 mg/L. It can be as low as 1.1 mg/L depending on the manufacturer. Studies at that time showed that the rate of iron-deficiency anemia increased when iron was that low.

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Reposted from June 2018

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