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Benefits of Organic Baby Foods and Formula


An apple is an apple and a bottle of formula is a bottle of formula. Don't judge a food by its color.

When shopping at the store, your eyes cannot detect the difference between the organic produce and the conventional produce. While both may be locally sourced, there are more benefits about what is (and isn't) in the organic food. The same is true with baby formula. Both can be made with milk, but there is so many more benefits to your baby's delicate digestive system as well as their entire body when you choose organic.

Organic Baby Foods and Flavor 

Babies love breast milk because it is naturally sweet from the lactose that the mother produces. Lactose does not have a high glycemic index, so it is already lower than any sugar or syrup that may be used in conventional baby formulas. Organic baby formula, especially European formulas in stages PRE and 1, only use lactose. Early on, your baby will develop their palate to enjoy foods naturally without additives and preservatives that can alter the flavor. This means that they are more likely to continue consuming and enjoying organic foods. 

Organic Baby Foods and Lack of Chemicals

When you choose organic foods for your nutrition, you may be considering the fact that you are not adding chemicals to your body. These chemicals include pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and other similar synthetic products. Your baby's body is still developing, especially the nervous system. Some of the chemicals used to treat conventional foods are harmful and nearly impossible for your baby to process.

Organic baby formula is made from ingredients that are not touched by chemicals. European baby formula comes from farms that practice biodynamic agriculture, a holistic approach to farming that respects the soil, animals, and the communities where they exist. No chemicals are used so it does not go back into the soil that grows the grass that the milking cows eat. Organic fruits and vegetables are not treated in ways that are not natural. Even synthetic growth hormones are banned from these farms, so your baby is not exposed to these additives that can impact their growth and development.

Benefits of European Organic Baby Formula Versus U.S. Organic Baby Formula

Organic guidelines are more strict than conventional guidelines. Since there is so much that is not allowed in organic farming, farmers and organic food producers must be diligent to maintain that standard including GMO-free. Food labels must be specific so that consumers know if there are merely organic ingredients in a product or if it is organic-certified. .

When it comes to organic baby formula standards, the European Union has banned some of the ingredients. Carrageenan is organic, but has been linked to inflammation and digestive problems. The European Union has also banned the use of syrups and processed sugars from organic baby formula even if they can be classified as organic. They find that they increase the risk of childhood obesity and diabetes.


For your baby, you want to give them the best start so that they can enjoy the natural goodness of foods without falling into the trap of processed sugar, artificial flavors, and chemicals that can affect their growth and development.


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