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Can Holle Formula Be Refrigerated?

Can Holle Formula Be Refrigerated?



What is the right way to store your Holle formula? Refrigerator is an option if you do it correctly.

When you find the right baby formula, you want to get enough so that you don't run out before your next purchase. Storage is key for your baby formula. If you do it the wrong way, you have lost the investment of the container. You can use your refrigerator only at certain times for your baby formula storage.


Can You Refrigerate Unopened Holle Formula?

No. It is important that you store the unopened containers in a dry area where it can remain at room temperature. A place away from direct sunlight is also advisable. Even though baby formula is a milk product, it is made to be shelf-stable. The cold and humidity of the refrigerator can cause clumping. The clumps of formula can be so concentrated that you are not getting the right ratio of water and powder when you mix it. Too little formula means not enough nutrition and too much formula can cause kidney issues over time.


Can You Refrigerate Pre-Made Holle Formula?

There are parents who swear by the time-saving idea of pre-mixing formula and refrigerating it until it is needed. Formula such as Holle can be made in advanced and store in the coldest part of your refrigerator for up to 24 hours. So if your baby eats four ounces per feeding and eats eight times a day, you can safely prepare 32 ounces of Holle formula and have it ready to warm up. Do not microwave the formula as it can leave pockets of hot liquid. It is better to warm the bottle in a warm water bath so that it heats more evenly.


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