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Do All Baby Formulas Have GMO?



More and more parents are concerned about feeding babies formula made with GMO ingredients. Is it a part of all baby formulas?


What is Wrong with GMOs?

The problem with genetically modified organisms, commonly known as GMOs, is how science is speeding up the growth process and DNA changes in plants and animals. This includes the addition of chemicals and the exposure to radiation. GMO foods can be raised and developed in sterile environments so that it does not go into non-GMO environments. At the same time, there are a number of health concerns and environmental risks when it comes to foods with GMOs. Rather than risk giving their children something that is not on the ingredient list, people are opting to eat GMO-free. This includes providing their children with baby formulas without GMOs.


What Baby Formulas Are GMO-Free?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finds foods with GMO ingredients to be safe, however they do not require foods to be labeled. Instead they suggest that companies do it voluntarily. Independent groups such as Non-GMO Project will certify foods that are truly GMO-free. In order to be sure that the foods you eat are not GMOs, it is recommended that you eat certified organic or USDA organic foods that are fresh and unprocessed.

GMO food labels are required in other countries around the world. This is true for the European Union. Their laws on organic standards prevents the use of GMOs in their certified products. When you order organic baby food from MyOrganicFormula, you can be sure that the package is GMO-free and truly safe for your baby.

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