September 22, 2018


Do Hipp Special Formulas Come in Stages?

From birth to toddlers, Hipp formula comes in different stages. Is that the same for the special formulas?

What are the European Formula Stages?

Hipp organic baby formula comes in stages from PRE to 4 depending on the age and needs of your baby.

  • PRE- from birth to 3 months
  • Stage 1 – from birth to 12 months
  • Stage 2 – from 6 months on
  • Stage 3 – from 10 months on
  • Stage 4 – from 12 months on

What are Hipp Special Formulas?

Hipp makes special formulas for sensitivities. Whether your baby is dealing with acid reflux and needs a thicker formula or an immature digestive system that does not tolerate conventional formula well, Hipp has an organic baby formula to nourish your baby and make them feel better.

Hipp Special Comfort 

  • Ideal for gas, colic, or constipation
  • Less lactose
  • Hydrolyzed protein and smaller fat structures for easier digestion
  • Prebiotic fibers and probiotic cultures for better gut health

Hipp Anti Reflux 

  • Prevents backflow into the esophagus
  • Contains locust bean gum, or carob bean gum
  • Free of wheat, egg, gluten, or nuts
  • Does contain soy

Why Do Some Hipp Special Formulas Not Come in Stages? 

When it comes to special formulas, they are either temporary to help with sensitivities or discomfort or they meet all of your baby's needs no matter what the age.

Special Comfort is for use when needed and is not considered to be a long-term formula. It still has all of the vitamins and minerals that are important to your baby's development no matter when they start the formula.

Anti Reflux is thicker than regular Hipp so that it reduces spit ups, belching, and vomit. It is formulated so that it can be used from birth on. Since it is already a thicker formula, it can keep older babies satisfied while meeting all of your baby's nutritional needs.

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