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Does Baby Formula Have Fluoride in It?



Too much fluoride can lead to light white markings on your baby's emerging teeth. Does baby formula already have fluoride?

Fluoride is a mineral that helps with your teeth. It is the protection against acid damage and tooth decay. It combats the sugars and bacteria that occur in your mouth that can impact your tooth's enamel. However, the need for fluoride has to be balanced with the right amount that children need each day. Too much fluoride can lead to enamel fluorosis, a cosmetic discoloration of the teeth.


Where Can You Get Fluoride?

Fluoride can be found in local water taps to help reduce tooth decay and cavities at a community level. Consumers can find fluoridated water in stores. It is also used in dental facilities and some prescription drugs. Some people are prescribed fluoride supplements if they are low in fluoride or do not have access to fluoride in their community


Is There Fluoride in Baby Formula?

Baby formula can have a low level of fluoride that occurs naturally. According to the Hipp USA FAQ page, there is no added fluoride to their formula. It is present from the source water that is used during the processing of their product. Formula made from cow's milk has lower levels of fluoride than soy-based formulas. Of all of the types of formulas, liquid concentrate has the highest levels compared to ready-to-serve or powdered formula.

The level of fluoride increases when fluoridated tap water or fluoridated bottled water is used to prepare bottles for your baby.


How Can You Control Your Baby's Fluoride Intake?

Infants from birth to six months do not need any fluoride supplements. If your little one is formula-fed as a supplement to breast milk or exclusively, you can be in control as to how much fluoride they are exposed to

  • Use low-fluoride bottled water when preparing formula (less than 100 ppb, or parts per billion is ideal)
  • Use water filters on your tap that remove fluoride through reverse osmosis or deionization
  • Do not use fluoride toothpaste; look for infant or toddler toothpaste until the age of 3


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