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EU Regulations that Affect Baby Formula Product Labels


Changes in infant formula is not just about what goes into the box, but also the container itself.

The European Union this year changed the food laws in regards to baby formula. This includes brands like Hipp, Holle, Lebenswert, and Loulouka. This was mentioned in a previous blog post. However, the ingredients including the addition of DHA are not the only changes that the companies have to make.

New Baby Formula Food Laws

Advertising and Marketing

Infant formula and follow-on formula cannot use nutrition and health claims on the labels. In fact, very few claims will be allowed in how it is presented, labeled, or marketed to the public. Claims, for example, in regards to a link to consuming infant formula to immunity or gut health will be outlawed.

The end result is that the packaging will be cleaner and simpler. There will be less clutter of claims or pictures of infants used in European advertising.

What Does This Mean for Your Choice of Infant Formula?

Even with the changes in your baby’s formula, you will still have the high quality formula that is organic and meets all of the requirements of the European Union. These requirements are backed by scientific evidence.

Soon we will be rolling out the latest packages from Europe’s best baby formula. You can still use the products that you have now and transition into the newer product when it arrives. These are exciting changes that we think you too will enjoy.

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