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Formula Options for Tube Fed Babies

When it comes to feeding options, parents of tube fed babies often find themselves in a difficult situation. Many parents of tube fed babies are often at the mercy of their child’s doctor and end feeding their little one “highly specialized” formulas. However, many highly specialized infant formulas are full of unhealthy ingredients like corn syrup and artificial preservatives. Under different circumstances, many parents wouldn’t never even consider giving their baby a specialty formula.


If you’re the parent of a tube fed baby and find yourself in this situation, you’ll be happy to know…you have options! At My Organic Formula, we have a number of organic formulas designed specifically to address the needs of tube fed infants.

Baby Formulas to Support Gastrointestinal Issues

Two of the European formula brands we carry, HIPP and Holle have designed formulas to balance and support your baby’s gut:

HIPP Combiotik contains both prebiotic and probiotics cultures, which supports digestive health, bowel movements, and immune function.

HIPP HA Combiotik contains both prebiotic and probiotic cultures, however is hypo-allergenic for even the most sensitive babies. The proteins found in HIPP HA are hydrolyzed (broken down) for easier digestion. Smaller proteins are also less likely to irritate the immune system, making them ideal for babies who suffer from allergies or sensitivities.

HIPP Special Comfort is formulated to ease most gastrointestinal issues. Like HIPP HA, it contains broken down proteins and probiotics to help balance good gut bacteria. HIPP Special Comfort also contains Beta-Palmitate, which helps fats metabolize and calcium to absorb.

Holle Goat Milk baby formula is an excellent choice for tube-fed infants. The protein found in goat’s milk is smaller than the protein found in cow’s milk and is therefore, much gentler on baby’s tummy. Goat’s milk slightly different composition oftentimes helps reduce the symptoms associated with acid reflux, diarrhea, and constipation.

Talk to Your Child’s Pediatrician About Making a Formula Switch

If you’re feeding your tube fed infant a “questionable” specialty formula, talk to your doctor about switching to a European, organic specialty formula. Oftentimes, parents are pleasantly surprised at the difference in their child after switching to a biodynamic infant formula. We hear over and over again how much happier babies feel when being fed a truly natural and organic formula.

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