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Four Different Types of Baby Formula



The choice to pick organic baby formula may have been the easiest choice. Which formula is best for your baby? Let's break it down into four types.

When it comes to your baby's nutrition, you have a lot of choices to make. When breastfeeding is not an option, you want to start your little one with the right infant formula for their needs. All of the infant formulas found on MyOrganicFormula are natural without added sugars, GMOs, or anything that can affect your baby's growth and development.


Infant Milk Baby Formula

Infant milk is the choice for your baby's needs from birth to 12 months. It is fortified with iron, vitamins, and minerals that is not available in whole milk. This is why infants start on breast milk or formula in the first place. Infant milk is gentle from Day 1, but it also has everything your baby needs as they grow into toddlers. Each company adds its own ingredients for sweetness or texture. Instead of starting your baby with table sugar and other sweeteners that are unhealthy at this early age, organic baby formula companies have better options. Lactose, which occurs naturally in breast milk, is used in some of the organic baby formulas.


Combiotic Baby Formula

Combiotic infant formula is gentle, which is important while your baby's digestive system is still developing. This is because the combiotic formula contains probiotics that support gut health. The “friendly bacteria” in powdered baby formula is the key. When you are looking at the different Hipp variations of Combiotic formulas, the German Combiotik contains corn starch while the UK Combiotic contains no starch. Starch is a natural thickening agent that can help if your baby is dealing with reflux.


Goat Milk Baby Formula

Goat milk is common in countries around the world that raise goats easier than cows. For babies, goat milk has smaller milk proteins than cow's milk so it is easier for some babies with milk protein intolerance to digest. Holle is known for its Demeter-quality organic goat milk formula and comes in three stages from birth to beyond 10 months.


Hypoallergenic Baby Formula

There are some babies who are sensitive to ingredients found in some baby formulas. Your baby still needs all of the vitamins and minerals that they get in every bottle. Organic, hypoallergenic baby formula only has natural ingredients without pesticides and artificial ingredients that can actually aggravate allergies from rhinitis to eczema. If it is a milk protein intolerance, which can happen to a number of babies, the proteins in a hypoallergenic formula are hydrolyzed and broken down so that they are less problematic in your baby's digestive system.


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