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Gentle Organic Baby Formula

Gentle Organic Baby Formula

Your baby needs a gentle touch. Which organic baby formula can give that from the inside out?

The purpose of baby formula is to nourish your baby after you have weaned your baby off the breast, want to supplement breastfeeding, or you plan to feed them from the bottle from the first meal on. Baby formula is the next best thing to breast milk because the milk is broken down in a way to make it easier to digest than whole milk and fortified with nutrients to meet your baby's daily requirements. Your baby is delicate and needs the gentle touch, but sometimes their digestive system needs some gentleness as well.

Which Organic Baby Formulas are Gentle for my Baby? 

You may see signs early on that your baby may be having some kind of reaction to their food. It can be excess gas, constipation, diarrhea, or even hives or a rash. Your doctor can determine the cause and help you figure out if it is food-related allergy. Some of the allergens can be milk protein, soy, or gluten. Most formulas do not have other allergens like nuts.

If your baby has a food intolerance or allergy, you want to find a gentle formula that will still give them all of the nutrients they need to grow and thrive without the allergens that will make them uncomfortable or sick. Hipp organic baby formula has specialty formulas that are gentle on your baby's digestive system and causes less reactions from their immune systems.

Hipp Hypoallergenic

Hipp Hypoallergenic, or HA, promotes gut health with a combination of prebiotic oligosaccharides fibers from lactose and probiotics from natural lactic acid cultures just like traditional Hipp Combiotic formulas. What makes it different is that it reduces the risk of allergies because the whey proteins are hydrolyzed, or broken down even further into smaller sizes. This means that your baby's body will have a smaller reaction to the milk proteins and there will be fewer issues with gas, bloating, diarrhea, and other symptoms.

Hipp Anti-Reflux 

If reflux is your baby's problem, Hipp has a formula for that as well. Hipp Anti-Reflux is thicker and smoother without adding calories and artificial fillers that can upset your baby's tummy. Reflux can be caused by your baby's immature digestive system that doesn't prevent backflow. It may look like a spout opened and all of the contents in your baby's stomach is flowing out. This is not vomiting because it does not distress your little one. However if it is not resolved, it can affect their weight and growth. The use of organic locus bean gum naturally thickens your baby's formula and helps it stay in the stomach. If your baby is under six months, it allows you to thicken the contents of their bottle without adding solid foods like rice cereal that they may not be ready for yet.

Hipp Special Comfort 

Special Comfort is for special medical purposes and is meant to be temporary before going back to regular formula. Some babies struggle with digesting lactose and/or protein. While it has many of the ingredients that babies need in their formula, they are either reduced or broken down even further to help aid digestion. By tackling major digestive issues including colic, constipation, or one of many other feeding concerns, your baby can feel better with less symptoms like gas, bloating, and diarrhea. Organic special comfort formula has other benefits that conventional hydrolyzed formulas cannot match. For one thing, the process of breaking down proteins in conventional formulas smell and taste worse and your baby may not want to consume it. Even if it is hypoallergenic, these other formulas may add sweeteners, salt, and synthetic ingredients to make it more tolerable. You should consult your doctor before using formulas such as Special Comfort. If they are not aware of Hipp, show them the ingredients and product information so that they can make the decision toward organic formulas.

Is Organic Baby Formula Gentler for Babies?

Organic baby formula is natural, but the process from growing to manufacturing means that there is less of the additives and chemicals. The toxins that are found in conventional farming methods are affecting a baby's nervous system that affects their development. Over time this can contribute to more allergies and reactions from asthma and eczema to neurological disorders. What you feed your baby today can help them be healthier tomorrow.

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