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Hipp Goodnight- Helping Your Baby Sleep Better

Hipp Goodnight- Helping Your Baby Sleep Better

Does your 6 month or older baby seem particularly hungry, especially at night? This is a common issue among patents with growing babies. As your baby heads into the solid food phase, his need for calories to sustain his growing body is also increasing. Often this results in an increase in night time feedings. One solution to this increased need for calories is to fill your baby up before bed. HiPP has developed just the thing for easy, before bed feedings that pack an extra punch.


HiPP Goodnight Formula

Designed to be used as a before bed feeding, HiPP Goodnight formula combines the natural goodness of regular HiPP formula with the added weight of organic, gluten free rice and buckwheat cereals. This makes for a more sustaining meal that will digest slower, and help your baby feel full longer.



As with all the products HiPP carries, HiPP Good Night formula delivers high quality nutrition while keeping your baby’s hunger at bay. The superior grass fed, biodynamic milk, and organic oils in HiPP Good Night will provide a great source of sustaining protein and fats. HiPP Goodnight contains none of the added sugars, such as corn syrup, glucose or rice syrup found in most formulas, and will not cause the same sugar spike that these sugars cause. Unlike rice or buckwheat cereal alone, it also has the benefit of a full range of vitamins and minerals. HiPP Goodnight is a satisfying way to fill in the gaps of your baby’s daytime eating habits, and keep him satisfied through the night.  



Unlike regular rice and buckwheat cereals, which must be fed as a solid food, with a spoon, HiPP goodnight formula is comparable to regular formulas. It has a smooth and creamy texture. Though it is a little thicker than normal formula, it is still suitable for bottle or sippy cup feedings. It is a quick and easy solution to the sleepy before bed demands of your baby or toddler.


Proper Usage

HiPP Good Night formula is intended to be used as part of your baby or toddler’s bedtime routine and not as a substitute for his normal diet. It is a suitable addition to the diet of babies who are 6 months and older, and who have not shown allergies to cereals. As with any formula, it is not recommended that your baby be left with a bottle as he sleeps. This can result in “bottle rot” or tooth decay, as liquid left inside your baby’s mouth will sit on his teeth while he sleeps.   

If your baby is having trouble sleeping through the night, HiPP’s smooth, and creamy Goodnight formula is just the thing to keep him fuller longer. Try some today and get a good night’s sleep.

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