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Hipp Organic Combiotic UK Versus DE



Hipp organic is one great formula, but has different variations. How is the formula for the United Kingdom different than the one for Germany?

Hipp Organic Combiotic formula originates from Germany, but like many products in the European Union, it is labeled for marketing throughout the region. Even though there are important similarities, there are important differences that comply with the intended country of sale. The benefit to you is that you can choose between either type for what you want for your baby.


Hipp Organic Combiotic Formula

As a leader in organic baby formula, it is a familiar brand in Europe. It focuses on organic ingredients from farms that practice biodynamic agriculture. This philosophy in farming means that it is beneficial to the soil, the plants, the animals, and the humans around it. Hipp follows and exceeds the organic guidelines established by the European Union. Hipp only uses organic lactose as the only carbohydrate in every type of formula they make, even their specialty formulas. With 99% organic products in every sachet, you know that you are getting high quality baby formula that is free of dyes, chemicals, synthetic ingredients, GMOs, and anything that your baby's delicate body does not need.


The Difference Between Hipp Combiotic UK and Hipp Combiotic Germany

Naturally the language on the containers will be different, but there are also some important ingredients that are added or omitted, all while keeping true to Hipp's mission to nourish babies with high-quality healthy foods while maintaining the harmony with nature. Those variations can help you choose between Hipp UK and Hipp Germany.


Prebiotics and Probiotics

One thing that makes Hipp stand out from other formulas is the inclusion of galacto-oligosaccharides, or GOS. These prebiotic fibers from organic lactose are gentle on your baby's tummy while supporting gut health. It is the food that the natural bacteria in the belly uses to promote healthy bowel movements. This can be ideal for babies who deal with constipation. Hipp also has L. fermentum hereditum, a probiotic lactic acid. This helps the bacteria that already exists in your baby's tummy and maintain balance. Sometimes a baby's gut health is off balance from sensitivity, antibiotics, or even being born via C-section.

Hipp Combiotic UK does have GOS as part of the list of ingredients. It does not have L. fermentum hereditum as a probiotic ingredient, but Hipp Combiotik Germany does. If you do not want your baby to have probiotics at this time, then you can opt for Hipp Combiotic UK instead of Germany.



Hipp, as well as other baby formulas, use starch as an ingredient in older stages of formulas. Starch can be made from rice or potatoes, but it is often derived from corn. Any starch that is used in organic baby formula is non GMO. The use of starch is meant for babies who are six months or older. This is because their hunger demands are greater. By adding starch as a secondary source of carbohydrates, hungry babies can feel more satisfied after a meal. It thickens the formula and makes it smoother, which can be more enjoyable for some babies.

Starch is intended for older babies because newborns can have problems breaking down starch in their developing digestive systems. It is also healthier than other carbohydrates such as glucose, corn syrup, or brown rice syrup, to name a few. Hipp Combiotik Germany uses organic starch only in stages 2 and 3 when babies have a more developed digestive system and they show more signs of being hungrier faster.

If you would rather that your baby stays with organic lactose even after they turn six months old, Hipp Combiotic UK contains no starch in all of the stages. This is also helpful to know if your baby has a sensitivity to corn ingredients such as starch.

Your baby can enjoy all of the benefits of Hipp Organic Combiotic or Combiotik formula. Even though there is more than one variation of the product, you have the flexibility to choose which ingredients you want to have and which ones you can leave for another parent who wants them for their baby. No matter what, your baby will be able to enjoy high quality baby formula that is in harmony with nature.

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